Friday, May 14, 2010

Another Month Just Flew By.............

I should have known that getting back to posting here wouldn't be easy. What was I thinking? It is Spring (still) and this is when I come out of my winter hibernation. I have been enjoying working in the yards so much, keeping the vines tamed, plants all happy and growing, getting the lawns to fill back in. We have lots of birds feeding out of the feeders and a new family of babies learning how to fly outside my office window. Jake the dog and Amos the huge cat just lay around and watch them go back and forth. The weather has been amazing this Spring, just beautiful. The night blooming jasmine is bursting with the most heavenly smells that drift in the bedroom window while we are sleeping. I just love Spring. I was born in it, come out of hibernation in it, and everything grows new in it.:)

Isaac and Hannah are doing a sleepover tonight at our house. Dad is using the money we gave him for his 39th birthday (holy cow my boys are getting older) to treat mom to dinner and a movie and have some alone time they desperately need. We, on the other hand are looking forward to keeping them up a bit later and snacking. I know it's bad but we are grandpa and grandma. No rules for us:) Isaac will turn 5 on the 26th. He has grown so fast and continues to be my favorite grandson ever born. He just melts my heart to puddles with those big baby blue eyes. I bought a butterfly habitat for his birthday but it came the following day so we are in full butterfly nursery here and have 10 growing caterpillars that will be ready to put into the habitat next week. The kids are loving it and Hannah wants to hold them and rock them. Umm, not right now if you want to see them turn into "Painted Ladys".

Hannah is 2 1/2 and her vocabulary is totally through the roof. I think Isaac has helped that along quite a bit too:) She is in love with Grandpa and plays him like a fiddle. He is always catching himself getting ready to give in to those huge blue eyes and has to stop himself. There hasn't been a girl in the family for quite some time and this one takes the prize. So spirited and happy almost all of the time. Throw in a little "Drama Queen" with this girly girl and tom boy and she is a great mix. Isaac and Hannah have acquired the genetics for a warped sense of humor that only shows up in one family each generation and they can crack eachother up and get the giggles going. Then come the corny jokes between them. Their bond is thick though they can really tease eachother too. Hannah is our most favorite little girl in the world. It makes for a nice balance. I wonder if these alone times we give their parents could accidentally produce a third grandchild. They aren't planning but we know how plans go:) We have enough love to go around if the energy holds up:)

Corky's job continues to be a huge blessing for us. He works hard and is such a faithful employee. We don't take anything for granted during these unstable times but are so thankful as he just passed his 10 year mark that he is still there. And I have to say that he is loved by all in this company. I sure love him tons too and thank him for me getting to be a stay at home grandma too. I am always available any time they call. I love being a part of their lives and knowing they are safe with us.

I better close for now but if anyone still comes here, I am asking that you pray for my sweet friend Kelli as the live kidney donor hunt is on and one still needs to be found. I know God has a plan for her but it hasn't been revealed to her yet. Four years is a long time to be doing this and she needs His strength moment by moment. Thanks so much.

Love and Hugs, Laurie