Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday Morning and a quick catch up...

November came and went so fast and I didn't get one word in on here. Our friend Bob died on the 6th and my closest friend is a widow now. It is just so very sad and my heart hurts for Sue. She is getting through on the surface but I know how fragile she is on the inside. I am just trying to be the kind of friend she needs right now, day by day. God is so faithful in providing her the help she needs on her property and it is a great comfort to her and very humbling too. There is so much more to write about here but my words keep getting stuck.

December 1st was Corky's birthday and the 3rd was Hannah's 4th so we had a party for both of them on Saturday afternoon. We have been trying to get her to try new foods and her excuse has always been "When I am 4 I will do it." She walked in the house and quickly told me she wasn't ready to be 4 yet, maybe a few more days:) I told her that even if she wasn't ready to try new things that she was still 4. Got a big smile out of that:) It was a great afternoon without one family bloop and around here that is big!!

Things in my mouth have been moving along at a fast pace and last week I got 6 of my new permanent crowns in my mouth. More to come this week and I am getting so excited to get all the spaces filled in. Praying that the implant places are healing up as my bone density these days is almost non existent. Corky is getting his impressions done after work today at the dentist so we are just buzzing along. It will all be worth it in the end. Lots of smiles.

I am excited to get my tree this week and get it looking like Christmas around here. The weather has been changing here at the coast and the cold is setting in. Lots of fires to keep us toasty as there is no heat in the house:) I am loving the change and bundling up. We have so much to be thankful for as the Lord is blessing us so abundantly. We don't deserve it but He is so faithful.

Isaac will be here soon so I will close for now and get set up for his school work. I hope everyone has a blessed Monday and week ahead.

Love and Hugs, Laurie