Wednesday, December 31, 2008

On The Nightstand...

I have been tagged by DeeDee from Come Taste And See, on this, the last day of 2008. My first tag ever on my less than one month old blog. Okay, here goes.

The Rules!!
* Grab the NEAREST book.
* Open the book to page 56.
* Find the FIFTH sentence.
* Post the text of the next two to five sentences in your blog along with these instructions.
* Don't dig for your favorite book, the cool book, or the intellectual one; pick the CLOSEST.
* Tag five other people to do the same.

MY BOOK: Copeland Fair

Page 56: "I know you all are praying fiercely and I continue to ask you to lift us up. I pray constantly that the Lord would stir in your hearts and remind you of Copeland, which I know He is faithful to do. God has pressed upon my heart that if I will pray specifically, He will be quick to hear and answer. Before the last post, as I wept over her outside, I prayed He would fill her lungs with oxygen and cause her to breathe by whatever means necessary-I asked Him to make her cry. When we came inside, she was bundled, resting peacefully in my arms, and suddenly started screaming. [ I know He responded immediately to my prayers. I know He heard my words and mercifully answered the ache in this mother's heart. "] (This is a post on her blog dated Sunday, September 23, 2007 at 8:00 pm.) This book is right beside me at all times on my computer desk, and 25 inches closer than my Bible.

I could not leave the last two sentences out, it would not be right. This book was written by a dear friend I met here and had the honor of praying for her sweet daughter Copeland Fair, born with Trisomy 18. Boothe blogged her daily ups and downs as her baby fought like a princess warrior with the Lords help from her birth into her mommy and daddys arms on September 18 until the day she went to Jesus' arms, September 26, 2007. Boothe wrote a precious book and took the posts right from her blog she kept updated moment by moment. It was a truly spiritual and emotional time for them and for all of us who followed. I found myself holding my breath for those eight wonderful and heartbreaking days. My faith was stretched, I questioned God, I begged Him for a miracle healing, and I begged Him to keep her parents hearts protected from shattering. And I cried as my heart broke when I read of her passing on to heaven. I know that heaven is a wonderful place of no more tears, healing, freedom, sitting at Jesus' feet. And I look forward to being there when my days are over here on earth. But my heart broke for the ones who were left with empty arms and wanting their baby back!

I have witnessed this over and over as have prayed for so many babies whose lives were cut short here on this earth and are in heaven now. And I never get tired of walking along side of these families in prayer and encouragement; it is what I need to do and it is all I can do. The rest is up to God and His Plan, and I trust Him. It doesn't stop the hurting and it doesn't stop me from knowing He performs miracles every day, and I pray for the best each time. And I have witnessed His miracles.

Well I guess my "Tag" has kind of turned into my post for this New Years Eve. I have the grandkids doing a sleepover tonight so it will be fun. Tomorrow is the first day of a new year, and life goes on and people are still hurting and need prayer. I don't make resolutions, but I know I will continue to do what I do and pray for my friends. And of course live life to the fullest and continue to be grateful for all that I am blessed with. Blessings to you tonight and in the new year ahead. YOU are LOVED by ME.

Love and Many Hugs, Laurie

Oh, I almost forgot to tag five people. Kelli, Pam, Kristy in Oregon, Kristy Bolte, and Rachel. Anyone else is more than welcome to join in too. Some people don't like to be tagged and it's okay. I am new with my blog so I am game!

Okay, Bye!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Share A Chunk Of My Heart And A Smile With Me

First of all, I am so grateful for the prayers my last post brought to me. Thank you guys so much. It is humbling to be on the receiving end in this blogging world. I have always been blessed by praying for you over this past year and a half. The Lord has done great things in my life and I have been blessed by the desire He put in my heart to "pray it forward". And it is my honor to do so.

This said, and being today is the next to last day of 2008, and the year of my blog:), I thought it time to share a part of who Laurie in Ca. is, who she was, and a bit of what makes me tick. But I won't write it here to save some time. I don't know how to copy/paste either, so I will send you where I shared it in 2007. If you click on Especially Heather in my blogs I follow, go to her Archives of 7-7-07, my brief story is #61 in her comments. I am taking this risk because I feel it is important to let you know that my God is faithful, keeps His Word, and is able to pull us through anything life can throw at us. The desires and burdens He has given me for you, come not from walking the same road of situations you have experienced, but the pain is familiar to me. The One Who brings us through our pain is the same yesterday, today, and forever. My heart is bonded to yours through shared pain and overcoming that pain with Him, Jesus. So, if you choose to go there and read about me, please realize that it is a part of my past that makes me who I am today. It is a part of my testimony here on earth. I can honestly say with all my heart that I would not change one thing. And I am not finished yet; the best is yet to come. I believe it is already here but God keeps amazing me and blessing me through my life and through you. So, if you want to know more about me, go there, and come back here:) Then we can begin the New Year with no secrets between us. I don't like secrets unless they are in love and respect.

Yesterday was a really good and healing day for me. Isaac and Hannah helped me take down the tree and it was so fun. I usually snap into auto pilot and just get it done. Yesterday was new and great and made many sweet memories in my heart. God gives us children to remind us to keep it simple, honest and full of love. I had it all yesterday and my heart is pretty much back on track. Thank you again for your prayers, they worked and my babies were the icing on the cake.

Have a blessed day and be a blessing to someone today who needs it. I can't think of one person who doesn't need it.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Prayers Needed For This Hipocrate Please.

I am so disappointed with myself this morning and I am ashamed of myself big time. My "dark side" surfaced last night and has me feeling pretty small this morning. I watched my forgiveness and compassion fly out the door and I did nothing to stop it.

Our friends who have been married for twenty years have traveled the world with their work and always stop by every other Christmas holiday when they visit with their family. I love them and their two daughters who are 18 and 22 years old. The mom and two girls have been living in Maine for the past two years as He has been working in Viet Nam. He has only been home two times to see them during this time. The family has been hurt by this and I've spoken with the wife many times over this time trying to encourage her to hang in there. Then last night, he shows up at our door with his new girlfriend he has been living with in Viet Nam these past two years. She looked to be about 25 years old and really shy and quiet. They visited in the kitchen and I stayed in the living room glued to the movie we were watching when they arrived. I shut down, did not want to be in my own home during this time. I went to my self-righteous and judgmental dark side and stayed there, really uncomfortable. I really had felt this dark side was far behind me over the years of working on it. It only took it a minute to return with full force. I am ashamed of me. I thought I was more grown up than that. I am not. Adultry offends me to my core, always has and always will. I know that I will be speaking to his wife before the year is out and what will I say to her when she asks if I saw him? I have a front row seat to distruction of a marriage and I loathe being here. I know that there is a reason for this but so far, the only thing I see is that I blew it. And I am not proud of myself at all. I know I am rambling here but I need to be honest with God and myself, and with you. And I need your prayers for my heart that feels really dark and not at peace right now. I know it is not over and I need Gods grace to help me with what is to come.

I am looking forward to Isaac and Hannah being here tomorrow. Life is joyful and simple when they are here and I can protect them from the world and it's hurts. They make my heart feel right. Right now my heart feels wrong and I am disappointed with myself. I am so thankful that Corky loves me and understands me, and the Lord too. I just don't get me right now.

Have a wonderful wind down from the holidays and be blessed today. Your prayers and comments would really be uplifting to this weary heart today.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry ChristmasTo All Who Visit Here

It is a beautiful Christmas morning here in So. California. Chilly, cloudy, showers, sun peeking in and out. The fireplace is crackling with my Christmas fire and it is quiet here for now. It works out perfect as our sons celebrate Christmas Eve with their wives families, and Christmas morning at their own homes with their kids. We have Christmas dinner in the late afternoon here. When the boys were little, we used to spend every holiday on the road traveling to Los Angeles for my side of the family, and San Diego for Corkys side. We never woke up Christmas morning in our own home. I made a promise to myself that my sons families would not have to do this. And it works!!

We had Isaac and Hannah all day yesterday so that Dad could put together Isaacs new work station at home before they went from here to their Christmas Eve at the grandparents. Both of the grandkids got one of their presents and Hannah's was the delux Fisher Price Stroller (which had to be assembled) by grandpa. This little one year old squirt was pulling things out of the box left and right and taking off with parts. She was not patient while grandpa put it together. When it was finally done, she took off through the house like a "Mad Mother" on wheels from room to room with the biggest smile on her cute face. It was priceless to see her "roar".!! She insisted the baby ride head first no matter how many times we turned it around. She was not happy when she had to take her nap either. Isaac got a set of walkie talkies he's been wanting. He kept inventing some out of the unused baby monitors but of course they never worked. Now we can "contact" eachother no matter where we are in the house or out in the back yard. So now I have to keep my walkie talkie on me at all times when he's here. I don't have a cell phone but I have a walkie talkie. Being grandparents is sooo much fun.

The kids will be here by noon so mom and dad can take in a movie. It should be a fun day and a great evening dinner. I hope you all have a wonderful day with family and celebrate the One who made this day so special. Happy Birthday Jesus!! It is because of you that we have the most wonderful future to look forward to. Thank You.

Love and Hugs and Holiday Blessings,

Monday, December 22, 2008

Monday Morning and Three Days Until Christmas

In my life for as long as I can remember, Winter has always been the season that I wind down, go into my cozy cave and hibernate. It starts when we turn the clocks back, Ugh, and it gets dark so early and goes into full swing the middle of December. I have always been this way. Then Christmas is upon us and I have to really pull myself up and get things done. We are so fortunate to have all of the family live within 20 minutes of our home. We see eachother at least two to three times a week. So when the holidays come, the urgency isn't measured in travel time, safe travel, or distance. It is just that I am not motivated until the last minute. I did get my baking done over the weekend and shopped for Christmas dinner. My house is not spit shined and I don't think it will be by Thursday ~sigh~ I will shop for the grandkiddos tomorrow because I have them today and Wednesday, yay!! So for us, it is a time of getting us all together and just enjoying eachother.

My mind and heart have been wandering to some very special people in my life who I have prayed for and gotten to know over this past year and a half here. Praying for their Christmas to be blessed as they miss someone they have loved and lost, and are trying to get through this season. First are the mothers and families of these special babies in heaven this year: Caden, Copeland, Poppy Joy, Madeline, Mary Grace, Maddox, Isaac and Asher, Miller Grace, Tristan, Eva Janette, Jacob Ryan, Christian Dale, Brenham, Nathan Taylor, Maxson, Larson, Audrey Caroline, Luke, Joshua Sams, Elijah, Elilot, Johathan Edwards, and Hannah the dancing queen Monkey. So many changed lives, so much heartache and yet joy, my heart goes out to each one of you.

Friends who have lost their husbands: Stephanie's Jason, Nita's John, Laura's Leonard, Betsy's Jim, Donna's Lou. Praying you all through this holiday season.

Families of my special and tough little warriors, Annabel, Mallorie, Alex, Cohen, Magdalina and especially little Zoe Batiansila, a miracle little girl who just went through major heart surgery and beat all odds once again, and is now home with her family for Christmas. They have been through so much and God has been so amazingly good and loving and redeeming and restoring.
And I know He has not forgotten my dear Kelli who desperately is waiting for a kidney transplant and I believe will get one soon.

I have watched God do so many amazing things in all of these lives this past year and a half and I know He has so much more in store for all of you. His biggest and greatest gift is His Son, Jesus and I am forever grateful for this gift. I really have all that I need and more this season and I am content. I am blessed to have so many special people in my life here and of course, here at home with family. And to my new friends that have not been mentioned above, I am blessed to have you along for the journey too.

So, with that said, and in case I am not back here before Christmas (because maybe motivation will kick in) have a most wonderful Christmas with those you love and may God Bless you abundantly this Season.

Much Grace, Hope and Love to you!!

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Thursday, December 18, 2008

What Would Jesus Be Doing?.....

Yesterday was such a good and reflective day. The morning started with my usual 3 to 4 mugs
of coffee, realizing that there were only 8 days until Christmas, all that I needed to be getting done and all that stuff. Isaac got here at 9:00 am, dropped off by dad on his way to work. This gives us 2 1/2 hours of " Our "time alone before Hannah gets dropped off by mom at noon. I had found more decorations for the tree and Isaac put them on with a huge smile on his face. I asked him if I was forgiven for not waiting for him when I put the tree up and he said Yeah Gramma, I always do forgive you.:) Made my day! So we read his newest plumbing book from the library, lots of pictures but he wanted the captions to each one read. ~Sigh~ He has no idea how much the plumbing in this house drives me up the wall.

So after a while, we started improving on the invention he started at his house in the morning and brought with him. An upside-down step stool with tubes and wires sticking out all over the place, held together with scotch tape. We got out the roll of wonderful 3M, 2 inch blue painters tape to reinforce this invention he called a turbine suction blower thingy. I unrolled the tape and asked him when it was the right length before tearing it off. He loves to make his own decisions and "calculations" when he works. As I watched him taping madly away on this invention, and we ended up using the roll up, my mind started wandering to a tender place in my heart.........

What would Jesus have been doing at 3 1/2 years old? Seriously, I know who Jesus the man is in my life. My Redeemer, my Savior, my Everything. But this baby boy, born in a manger 2008 years ago, was a toddler before he became The King of Kings. As I watched Isaac's little hands working away I wondered what Jesus did when He was this age, what did he play with and invent and think about. His innocence, sensitivity, toddler passions. Hammers, nails, wood, His dad was a carpenter like Isaac's grandpa. He probably played and invented in Josephs shop. He probably kept Mary company in the kitchen, helping her bake and cook and get into things he shouldn't have at times, maybe even a time out or two along the way. But Jesus was a toddler before He became a man and our Prince of Peace. How could Mary marvel about her little boy as He spent His days in play and innocence, and in her heart of hearts, know His future and what it held for all of us? I can't even begin to imagine the burden she carried in her heart, the knowing of the end, the raising and training up for this end, no daydreams here, just knowing what her baby boy was sent here for and accepting Gods Will. Watching those tiny hands and fingers, the same ones that would one day be nail scarred, and the precious feet?, same thing. She knew His future, but I know she really did not know how heartbreaking the end would be until she was there at the foot of the cross, shattered and weeping for the One who once was her precious little toddler. Did her human, mother heart cry out "WHY" as it shattered into a million pieces? It must have, she was human, just like you and me. What were the memories each year after, as the date of His birth approached, as she thought of the purpose of His life lived out here on earth, and missing Him? Did she want Him back and realize it would never be? Did she ever feel bitter and angry, questioning God "why my baby?" The Bible doesn't go into detail here on the emotional and day to day life of a mother and child. But I know Mary was human like you and me, and I know she loved her baby boy with all of her heart and soul, and she knew that she would give Him back to God before her heart would ever be ready to let Him go. No mother is ever ready to "let go". It goes against the grain of the heart God gives us for our children, to love unconditionally and unto death. Yet, this was God's Plan for His Son. And we who believe in Him, are blessed to see this plan that took place 2008 years ago, being worked out in each of our lives today. We don't have all the answers, but we have so many more than Mary did back then. Gods time is perfect, and we are living in it today. I can't think about His birth, without thinking about His death and resurrection. They are three in one for me, just as the Trinity is.

So, with this said, and I know I don't know the meaning of keeping it "short and sweet", my grandson showed me my Jesus in real life and time yesterday. Just a glimpse but through a mothers and grandmothers eyes, in my heart. A whole new perspective for me, a deeper gratitude in my heart for the sacrifice an innocent little boy, who lived His life to give me the life I am so blessed with today. Life that comes Full Circle; birth, death and resurrection. Some circles are only moments lived, some are lived in hours, days, years, but each life comes full circle and we have Jesus, the reason for this season, to thank for this promise of God to us, His Gift.

Have a wonderful day today and try to remember to be a blessing to someone today. So many people are hurting and need hope today. I pray God blesses you big time today and all the days ahead.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Let Me Tell You Summpin Gramma

This is the opening statement that Isaac uses each time he wants to tell me something. He likes to have my undivided attention and we look eachother in the eyes when we talk. Yesterday was no exception and as he was looking at the tree all decorated and Hannah dancing around all over the place, he said this opening statement with a lump in his throat and tears starting to pool in his sky blue eyes. He couldn't get out what he wanted to say for a minute and then when the tears spilled out, he said"but I wanted to help you make it beautiful Gramma. You were supposed to wait for me." I about cried and felt so bad. I just wanted to get it put up on Sunday to surprise him yesterday. After many hugs and apologies, and telling him that it would be too hard to take it all apart and do it again together, we agreed that I will leave it up after Christmas until he comes over to help me take it down. This brought a big smile to his face as he wiped the tears away. He is such a sensitive little boy when it comes to the things we do together. He helps me bake, helps me with yardwork, we do everything together. Decorating the tree will not be an exception anymore. He is an inventor, we do water syphoning projects, electrical projects with real electricity, we build water fountains out of junk and a pond pump and they work. He checks out Plumbing books at the library and wants to read them with me. And he learns and can tell you how a toilet works from start to finishand name all the parts inside that make it work. And he is 3 1/2 years old. This is how our days go when he is here with me, and I just love it. And I love him and his sister to pieces. He can't wait to get his hands on all the light cords when we take the tree down. We have to leave them "plugged in" and he wants to do an invention before we put them away for another year. Yikes, I have a hard enough time wrapping them up around something so they don't give me a panic attack trying to untangle them. But this year, we will invent. I am up to it and with Isaac, I am up to doing anything that makes the wheels of his mind go round and round. My grandkids are my most treasured gifts.

On a totally different note here, I have a problem with the insurance and pharmaceutical companies. My honey uses medication to control his glaucoma. One drop per eye 2x's per day.
They come packaged in a 50 day supply from wherever they come from. The insurance will not pay for them because they only pay for a 30 day supply. They cost $123.50 every time I fill them. We have gone back and forth for a year now with no results. Until yesterday. God Bless Trudy at the Costco Pharmacy. She reviewed our records, unbeknownst to me, and called the doctor to put on the directions: Dispose of after 30 days. Period. Rebilled the insurance and bingo, they cover it and we pay $20.00. Here is my problem; we are not going to throw away the other 20 days supply of these drops. That would be wasteful and downright dumb. Yet, the insurance wants us to do this and they will cover it. What in the world are these people thinking here? After telling Trudy what a blessing she was to me, saving me over $1,000 a year on this one medicine, she said she was going to start reviewing each "insurance rejected" prescription she personally handles. Is this lady a Queen or what? I hope this blesses so many people who have more urgent places for their hard earned dollars to go. The insurance companies of our "managed care system"need to get some new managers working up there in high places. And my honey and I have been blessed with good health. Just a few "getting older issues" to deal with. My heart goes out to those who are really going through medical crisis'.

I continue to pray for you guys and many others this season and beyond. So many are hurting and my heart is heavy knowing this. Asking God to pour out His blessings and touch each one personally with His healing hands. This is my wish for everyone this holiday season.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Monday, December 15, 2008

Ten Days Till Christmas

The Christmas Tree is up and I am so glad. My sister in law Carol (my Sissy) and I always decorate the tree together but this year I was on my own. She had to work and I had to get it up.
She is an artist at heart and very meticulous and I could always count on it looking perfect. What normally takes us an hour and a half took me 5 1/2 hours, but I am pleased with it. Half of the time was second guessing myself on how she would have done it and I am sure when she sees it, she will not be able to resist the temptation to do some tweaking here and there. I am not structured, she is. I missed her company though. She's a nurse and must take the hours dealt her. I am just so thankful that all members of our family have jobs this time of year as things are so bleak for so very many. This makes me so sad. So, as I decorated the tree, I prayed for everyone I know who is having a hard time financially, health problems, spiritual doubts, etc. And the time went by so peacefully. I know my prayers were heard and ask God to bless and meet the needs of each one.

I can't wait for the grandkids to get here this morning and see their faces. It is raining here in California this morning and will be off and on through Wednesday. It feels like the Season is finally here. Amos the Cat has already made his way to the tree stand "watering hole" and Jake the Dog is the one I have to really keep an eye on. He likes to chew everything that isn't nailed down and this is his first Christmas and tree. So, I am sure the words for the day will be "please don't touch" Hannah, and "put that down Jake". My tree is mostly Coke a Cola inspired,(imagine that:), but I also have stuffed bears with angel wings throughout the tree, one for every baby I have prayed for that is in heaven this Christmas. Sadly to say, I cleaned out Big Lots to get enough of these bears. And Jake loves stuffed animals. It should be a fun day.

I want you to know that I am praying for all of you who visit here, for blessings, health, finances, love and hope. My hearts two most urgent requests are for baby Zoe to be home with her family for Christmas, and for my sweet friend Kelli to receive news of the kidney she so desperately needs right now and for the Lord to meet both of these families needs in a trememdous way. And if anyone reading has anything specific you need prayers for, please feel free to tell me in your comments. I am sure my friends will pray for you too. I have made many wonderful "heart friends" over the past year or more. I hope your day is a blessed and wonderful one.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Friday, December 12, 2008

Blessings On A Full Moon Night And One Bad Dog

Today is trash day in our neighborhood. Corky was putting out the cans last night and Jake, the dog bolted out the gate in the light of the full moon and went on an adventure in the pitch black night. He is not quite a year old, got him from dear friends who raise pedigree boarder collies. Our 13 year old girl collie "Cody" died recently so our breeder friends gave us Jake. They are so good with kids. So, anyway, after driving the neighborhood looking for him for an hour; we just decided that he'd better be able to find his way back home and he could just sleep out on the porch. "That will teach him". Yeah, right.

Meanwhile, back at the house, God nudged me to do something and go bless someone who really needed it, so I got in my car and headed over to follow through on "His Mission". When I got there, only 6 short blocks away, they were out in their front yard so I stopped in the street, car in park and headlights on, and did what I was sent there to do. It was a God moment and many tears and hugs, and tears and hugs, my heart was warm and melting. I was thanking God in that moment for using me to be a blessing. And then, in that same moment, in the headlights of my parked car, I saw him running up the street, right at me, JAKE, the punk!! And in that tender, God filled moment of tears and blessing, I yelled "CATCH HIM, THAT'S MY DOG." They told me they had been at the park over looking the ocean and he was there and followed them home and they were playing with him and loving on this wonderful puppy. They couldn't find his tag with his info on it because he doesn't have one yet. hmm. Bad owners. So, they helped me load him in the back of my SUV and said their goodbyes to him. While I'm telling him, "wait till you get home. " Jakes short blessing of wild abandon was over and when I got back home, Corky asked me if I needed help getting groceries out of the car, since he didn't hear me lock it. I said "no groceries, but get the red leash, I found the dog. "
Jake was all wagging, waiting for the "Welcome Home Lassie" moment, but got led straight to the doghouse. So, his blessing for the holidays will be a name tag, computer chip, and neutering. Happy Holidays Jake!:)

This is how God works in my life more often than not. I have learned that God meets us where we are, uses us where we are, and loves us where we are. My life has never been ordinary. When God uses me, it is never with "harps and halos" and I am okay 100% with this. I love that I am always on His mind, learning more and more to move when He tells me to, and not ask questions. Last night I got quick results. Sometimes, well most times, I am just supposed to be obedient when He calls. I am still learning. I do love when He shows me His sense of humor and His patience with me. I really want to be obedient and when I am, He sure shows me how personal my relationship with Him really is, one on one with me, just me. I am amazed how He cares for me and every little detail of my life. Even through my Punk Dog Jake. He didn't bark once last night and didn't chew up anything like he always does, maybe God's working on him too:)

Have a blessed day in the ordinary things life brings your way today. Be a blessing to someone today, even if for a moment before life takes over again. The world is full of hurting people and bad dogs.:)

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Tidbit Of Trivia

I know I already posted, but I got a call that the kiddos won't be here till noon. I got an email from my big brother after I posted and what he calls me got me thinking. My nickname since I was 3 years old has been Toots. (not the gas kind) but the tootsie roll sound of toots. He has always called me this as being his baby sis. As the years go by, it means more to me everytime he says it. I have two brothers and I love them both bunches as we are all orphans now. So we just have eachother and our kids and their kids and we laugh about being the matriarchs of the family now, as we don't feel grown up yet:)

Do you have a nickname? Want to share it? Feel free to as I'd love to see what yours is:)

Okay, this time I am gone for the day.
Love and Hugs, Laurie

Collections Of My Heart

I will try and keep this short and sweet as the grandkiddos will be here in an hour and I am still in my jammies. I can't believe that I started my blog at the busiest time of the year. I am unprepared with all the wonderful holiday cheer here that I see on all of your blogs. My Heart Friends here come from all walks of life as I have visited, commented, and collected them into my life. I thought I would just list them to give you an idea of my "all over the place" postings I will be making from time to time, along with the usual contentment with my life postings. I hope to gather my friends here so you can meet them too. Wonderful people, everyone of you. So, here is a partial list of the hearts I have gathered up so far:

Mothers who have lost their babies, toddlers and older children too.
Many of these same mothers carrying new babies.
Friends who have lost their husbands.
Friends with cancer, life threatening illnesses, depression etc.
And I seem to be collecting new grandmas, I just love us grandma stories.:)

I want to encourage anyone who comes here and comments to write what you want, even if it doesn't follow the post. You can ask for prayer and I think alot of my friends will pray, just feel free to Share what's on your mind or heart. I am not a structured person, not me. I'd like to be but it doesn't seem to be my forte. God seems to use me when I am all over the place so I am going with it.

So, as I said, this is not Christmasy, I got on the bus too late for this year to get creative here but I wanted to let you know that you all are welcome. My door is always open and the coffee is hot and waiting. I gotta go get dressed and get ready for my favorite hobby of all, my kiddos.

Be a Blessing to Someone today.
Love and Hugs, Laurie

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Share Some Christmas Love

First of all, thank you, everyone who has visited me in the birth of my new blog here. As I buzz around checking on you and so many others I have followed over these past two years, I love all the decorating and themes everyone has up to make this Season special. I don't have my tree yet and I need to get a move on. But I have a favor to ask you before I can even move forward. My sweet friend Kelli over at Living in Grace, left me a message on yesterdays post that has my heart aching. I hope she won't mind me sharing this as most of you so far came over from there. I won't write it all here as you can go read it yourselves, but she thanked me for my "life verses" saying:
"It's been the pinnacle of "all crashing down", from every didrection since last night. It's a thread on the end of a rope tied to a tree I needed to reach for in this moment of time." While we all rush about getting ready to celebrate, and me needing to get started, Kelli is waiting on a kidney transplant; one she desperately needs to survive. She needs a gift of a kidney, she needs a gift of our support and prayers for this kidney and for her health to hold out, she has unspoken needs, and she needs hope. I would like to ask that we replace the thread she is hanging on to and form a rope with big knots of our prayers and encouraging scripture, something she can grip on to and keep herself up while she waits on the Lord and His timing. I want to share her and her family's burden with them and maybe lighten the load just a smidge for her. She has been such a blessing to me in my life and I think of her as a daughter in my heart. Please visit her and give her a gift of a special scripture, a word of love and encouragement and a promise of prayers. And God will gift wrap it with His love and faithfulness and place it in her sweet heart. I love this girl so much and though we have never met face to face; we are friends for life, heart to heart.

This is not just for today, anyone who reads in the days ahead may visit through the holiday season and far beyond until we read that she has her new kidney and can look forward to continued Living in Grace. Thank you so much from my heart to yours.

Love and Hugs, Laurie

Monday, December 8, 2008

Up and Running

I got honey off to work and came to check here and found four comments. It felt like Christmas:)
So now I know I have the bare essentials and will build from here as I get more confident. This will be all over the place but as time goes on, I will settle in I promise.

As for the title of my blog, I got all psyched about it not sounding like yours. All of yours have a direct purpose to your lives. It doesn't sound spiritual or heavenly like some, but I got to thinking, (more like" mind bending "myself) last night, I am not you. I am me and my title says who I am.
I live in a Coke House. I have collected Coca Cola advertising for over 40 years now. It is all over my house, in every room, even the bathrooms and outside. I don't drink but maybe 3 or 4 in a week but it is my collecting path. Share is what I love to do, it has become my passion to share in your lives through the ups and downs, praying for you, rejoicing with you, building treasured friendships of the heart. Smile is what I do in my heart when I share myself with others. Whether it be here with each of you, time spent with my best friend honey, time with my precious grandkids and anybody elses kids and strangers. So, with that said, the title of my blog best describes me. As time goes on and I figure out how to post pictures, you will see what I am talking about.

Romans 8:28 is the "Life Verse" my mother gave me at the height of my rebellious teens before I moved out. "And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose for them." I really resented her for "putting" this on me, as we were not close and it seemed to be her answer for me and who I was.
Psalms 46:10 was and is the "Life Verse" that God "branded" in my heart. "Be still and know that I am God. Everywhere I went, there it was. I was in my 40's by the time I stopped running from these verses. I had to be still first so He could speak to me, and undo my past, and show me that I mattered to Him and He really loved me. He shed His light on Romans 8:28 and little by little it settled in my heart and is still settling to this day as changes come.

My granddaughters first birthday was December 3rd, but her party was yesterday and was so much fun to watch her be celebrated. She was clueless as to what was going on but had so much fun partying anyway. She was not into her "Princess Tiara", even for a birthday picture and kept ripping it off her head. Babies and toddlers everywhere, noise, squabbles, moms chasing them, sound familiar to anyone?:) Being I am a grandma now, with my twin boys being 37, I saw just how demanding my life was with them. I had forgotten. It was a good feeling to know I got through and now this season of my life is a bit less demanding. I love it, being able to slow down a bit and take in life around me. And I love the new generation of moms, my kids included, and I understand the demands and the joys, struggles and heartbreaks, hopes and dreams, it is still the same journey. Motherhood is and always will be (in my book) the hardest job with the least pay but the biggest rewards. I toast my coffee cup to you all.

One last thing, if you are still with me here is my name I sign with on your blogs. Laurie in Ca. is only this because there are many other Laurie's out there in blogland. And I didn't have a blog.
And my honey and I were born here, same with our sons, and now our grandkids. Three generations of Californians. So, there you have it! First Post, All Over The Place.

Love and Hugs, Laurie in Ca.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Well, I am here tonight. While I was trying to follow set up instructions, I clicked
the wrong button and ended up out in cyber space before I could pick a template design. I didn't like what they offered anyway. So this is it for now until I can find my way around a bit better. So, if any of you girls out there find me here, and you know who you are:) please leave me a comment and let me know you were here okay?

Laurie in Ca. :)