Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Let Me Tell You Summpin Gramma

This is the opening statement that Isaac uses each time he wants to tell me something. He likes to have my undivided attention and we look eachother in the eyes when we talk. Yesterday was no exception and as he was looking at the tree all decorated and Hannah dancing around all over the place, he said this opening statement with a lump in his throat and tears starting to pool in his sky blue eyes. He couldn't get out what he wanted to say for a minute and then when the tears spilled out, he said"but I wanted to help you make it beautiful Gramma. You were supposed to wait for me." I about cried and felt so bad. I just wanted to get it put up on Sunday to surprise him yesterday. After many hugs and apologies, and telling him that it would be too hard to take it all apart and do it again together, we agreed that I will leave it up after Christmas until he comes over to help me take it down. This brought a big smile to his face as he wiped the tears away. He is such a sensitive little boy when it comes to the things we do together. He helps me bake, helps me with yardwork, we do everything together. Decorating the tree will not be an exception anymore. He is an inventor, we do water syphoning projects, electrical projects with real electricity, we build water fountains out of junk and a pond pump and they work. He checks out Plumbing books at the library and wants to read them with me. And he learns and can tell you how a toilet works from start to finishand name all the parts inside that make it work. And he is 3 1/2 years old. This is how our days go when he is here with me, and I just love it. And I love him and his sister to pieces. He can't wait to get his hands on all the light cords when we take the tree down. We have to leave them "plugged in" and he wants to do an invention before we put them away for another year. Yikes, I have a hard enough time wrapping them up around something so they don't give me a panic attack trying to untangle them. But this year, we will invent. I am up to it and with Isaac, I am up to doing anything that makes the wheels of his mind go round and round. My grandkids are my most treasured gifts.

On a totally different note here, I have a problem with the insurance and pharmaceutical companies. My honey uses medication to control his glaucoma. One drop per eye 2x's per day.
They come packaged in a 50 day supply from wherever they come from. The insurance will not pay for them because they only pay for a 30 day supply. They cost $123.50 every time I fill them. We have gone back and forth for a year now with no results. Until yesterday. God Bless Trudy at the Costco Pharmacy. She reviewed our records, unbeknownst to me, and called the doctor to put on the directions: Dispose of after 30 days. Period. Rebilled the insurance and bingo, they cover it and we pay $20.00. Here is my problem; we are not going to throw away the other 20 days supply of these drops. That would be wasteful and downright dumb. Yet, the insurance wants us to do this and they will cover it. What in the world are these people thinking here? After telling Trudy what a blessing she was to me, saving me over $1,000 a year on this one medicine, she said she was going to start reviewing each "insurance rejected" prescription she personally handles. Is this lady a Queen or what? I hope this blesses so many people who have more urgent places for their hard earned dollars to go. The insurance companies of our "managed care system"need to get some new managers working up there in high places. And my honey and I have been blessed with good health. Just a few "getting older issues" to deal with. My heart goes out to those who are really going through medical crisis'.

I continue to pray for you guys and many others this season and beyond. So many are hurting and my heart is heavy knowing this. Asking God to pour out His blessings and touch each one personally with His healing hands. This is my wish for everyone this holiday season.

Love and Hugs, Laurie


Rach said...

Woo Hoo Trudy! You go Honey Bee!! I'm sure she knows you're not going to throw those twenty days away, and yes, the insurance companies are INSANE. I'm just thrilled you are saving that much money. Wow!

As for your little man, what a doll! :o) My mom and Hannah had just such a relationship so I'm sure you can imagine just how hard her loss has been.

Blessings to you, friend! Love and hugs too!

DeeDee said...

well Laurie, this is one amazin little boy! His inventive spirit will definately help him as he gets older! Maybe he will figure out how the insurance companies can change their "wanton ways."

I love your blog, girl! Way 2 Go!

Oh Yeah, My nickname is Redd. For obvious reasons, my hair color! But only my dear sweet best friend of a husband was allow to call me that as a pet name! I also had Sunshine in Highschool and beyond!

Joy, Debi

DeeDee said...

add yourself to my favorites! PLEASE!

Joy, Debi

pam said...

Hi Laurie,

I have been reading your sweet comments to people on the blogs I visit. We seem to be going to the same ones quite often, I have always felt your comments are so sweet and sincere.

When I saw you had started a blog, I was excited to get to know you.

Have a wonderful Christmas season.


ANewKindOfPerfect said...

Laurie in CA, it's so good to see you finally have your own blog! I have seen your sweet comments on so many other blogs. Welcome!! :)