Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Share Some Christmas Love

First of all, thank you, everyone who has visited me in the birth of my new blog here. As I buzz around checking on you and so many others I have followed over these past two years, I love all the decorating and themes everyone has up to make this Season special. I don't have my tree yet and I need to get a move on. But I have a favor to ask you before I can even move forward. My sweet friend Kelli over at Living in Grace, left me a message on yesterdays post that has my heart aching. I hope she won't mind me sharing this as most of you so far came over from there. I won't write it all here as you can go read it yourselves, but she thanked me for my "life verses" saying:
"It's been the pinnacle of "all crashing down", from every didrection since last night. It's a thread on the end of a rope tied to a tree I needed to reach for in this moment of time." While we all rush about getting ready to celebrate, and me needing to get started, Kelli is waiting on a kidney transplant; one she desperately needs to survive. She needs a gift of a kidney, she needs a gift of our support and prayers for this kidney and for her health to hold out, she has unspoken needs, and she needs hope. I would like to ask that we replace the thread she is hanging on to and form a rope with big knots of our prayers and encouraging scripture, something she can grip on to and keep herself up while she waits on the Lord and His timing. I want to share her and her family's burden with them and maybe lighten the load just a smidge for her. She has been such a blessing to me in my life and I think of her as a daughter in my heart. Please visit her and give her a gift of a special scripture, a word of love and encouragement and a promise of prayers. And God will gift wrap it with His love and faithfulness and place it in her sweet heart. I love this girl so much and though we have never met face to face; we are friends for life, heart to heart.

This is not just for today, anyone who reads in the days ahead may visit through the holiday season and far beyond until we read that she has her new kidney and can look forward to continued Living in Grace. Thank you so much from my heart to yours.

Love and Hugs, Laurie


Rach said...

Oh, Hooray! You're HERE!!!! :o)

You have been such a blessing in my life, Laurie. Such a blessing. Thank you so much for your love, prayers and hugs this past year. They have truly meant the world to me. :o)

I'm going to lift your friend in prayer as I know what it means to wait for a kidney. My Papa never got his and it was agony.

Meanwhile, oh the joy of getting to know you now that you have arrived. :o)

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

i am so happy you started your own site!! now i can come and comment on your site.
thanks for the comment you left me. it has been especially hard because of the holidays. i just feel lost..
sending you love, nita

Kristy said...

Are you just beautiful, or what? I am so proud of you for starting a blog! You have too much wisdom/love/care/concern/passion to just be kept in little ol emails; you need to share it with the world (or the internet for that matter!!!)
I think I can speak for all of us in saying that you make each one of us feel so very special, so loved - and in turn we love YOU for it.
So cheers (with a coke of course) to your new blog adventure. I know that the Lord will use you in some amazing ways.
I love you!
Blessings ~

Dawn said...

I have seen your name around blogland this week and saw that you had just started blogging. I'll never forget entering with fear and trembling and here I am 393 posts later with so many new and wonderful friends - 5 of whom I have been privileged to meet. I have had to go private for sad reasons, but I would be glad to invite you to join my readership, if you'd be interested - I am called "Call Me Grandma Dawn." Barb of Chelsea Morning and I met early on because of the grandma-ing thing. I have 4 granddaughters - twins who are 11 months old and who had iffy starts. They thought one had a Trisomy disorder of one number or another and the other was too small to survive. If you're interested in visiting me, you can see the little darlings quite often!

So many of us have follwoed Kelli's frustrating journey for at least two years and it is really a sad story.

So - if you would like to visit me, just send me your e-address to dawn.carlson@colostate.edu and I will do the invitation.

Stephanie said...

SOOO glad to know you are blogging!!! Love, love that I can know what is going on with you. You are awesome!