Friday, December 12, 2008

Blessings On A Full Moon Night And One Bad Dog

Today is trash day in our neighborhood. Corky was putting out the cans last night and Jake, the dog bolted out the gate in the light of the full moon and went on an adventure in the pitch black night. He is not quite a year old, got him from dear friends who raise pedigree boarder collies. Our 13 year old girl collie "Cody" died recently so our breeder friends gave us Jake. They are so good with kids. So, anyway, after driving the neighborhood looking for him for an hour; we just decided that he'd better be able to find his way back home and he could just sleep out on the porch. "That will teach him". Yeah, right.

Meanwhile, back at the house, God nudged me to do something and go bless someone who really needed it, so I got in my car and headed over to follow through on "His Mission". When I got there, only 6 short blocks away, they were out in their front yard so I stopped in the street, car in park and headlights on, and did what I was sent there to do. It was a God moment and many tears and hugs, and tears and hugs, my heart was warm and melting. I was thanking God in that moment for using me to be a blessing. And then, in that same moment, in the headlights of my parked car, I saw him running up the street, right at me, JAKE, the punk!! And in that tender, God filled moment of tears and blessing, I yelled "CATCH HIM, THAT'S MY DOG." They told me they had been at the park over looking the ocean and he was there and followed them home and they were playing with him and loving on this wonderful puppy. They couldn't find his tag with his info on it because he doesn't have one yet. hmm. Bad owners. So, they helped me load him in the back of my SUV and said their goodbyes to him. While I'm telling him, "wait till you get home. " Jakes short blessing of wild abandon was over and when I got back home, Corky asked me if I needed help getting groceries out of the car, since he didn't hear me lock it. I said "no groceries, but get the red leash, I found the dog. "
Jake was all wagging, waiting for the "Welcome Home Lassie" moment, but got led straight to the doghouse. So, his blessing for the holidays will be a name tag, computer chip, and neutering. Happy Holidays Jake!:)

This is how God works in my life more often than not. I have learned that God meets us where we are, uses us where we are, and loves us where we are. My life has never been ordinary. When God uses me, it is never with "harps and halos" and I am okay 100% with this. I love that I am always on His mind, learning more and more to move when He tells me to, and not ask questions. Last night I got quick results. Sometimes, well most times, I am just supposed to be obedient when He calls. I am still learning. I do love when He shows me His sense of humor and His patience with me. I really want to be obedient and when I am, He sure shows me how personal my relationship with Him really is, one on one with me, just me. I am amazed how He cares for me and every little detail of my life. Even through my Punk Dog Jake. He didn't bark once last night and didn't chew up anything like he always does, maybe God's working on him too:)

Have a blessed day in the ordinary things life brings your way today. Be a blessing to someone today, even if for a moment before life takes over again. The world is full of hurting people and bad dogs.:)

Love and Hugs, Laurie


Rach said...

The lord is amazing. Truly.

Love you! :o)

the voice of melody said...

Thank you for this great story showing God's constant faithfulness and grace.

I'm glad you were able to get your dog back home. Yes, a tag for Christmas will be a great present for him and for you! :)

Dawn said...

What a great story! God does work in mysterious ways, for sure!

Cathy said...

Laurie, Did you ask me about Annabel's little red shoes a couple weeks ago???I thought it was you, so I will give you teh answer and if it wasn't just ignore me. the shoes are called Squeak me shoes. The site is
You are so obedient and I am praying one day I will be so obedient.

Laurie in Ca. said...


I did ask you about Annabels shoes and thank you for letting me know where to find them. I think my Hannah will have to have some if they make them in her size. I am off to check it out now.