Thursday, December 18, 2008

What Would Jesus Be Doing?.....

Yesterday was such a good and reflective day. The morning started with my usual 3 to 4 mugs
of coffee, realizing that there were only 8 days until Christmas, all that I needed to be getting done and all that stuff. Isaac got here at 9:00 am, dropped off by dad on his way to work. This gives us 2 1/2 hours of " Our "time alone before Hannah gets dropped off by mom at noon. I had found more decorations for the tree and Isaac put them on with a huge smile on his face. I asked him if I was forgiven for not waiting for him when I put the tree up and he said Yeah Gramma, I always do forgive you.:) Made my day! So we read his newest plumbing book from the library, lots of pictures but he wanted the captions to each one read. ~Sigh~ He has no idea how much the plumbing in this house drives me up the wall.

So after a while, we started improving on the invention he started at his house in the morning and brought with him. An upside-down step stool with tubes and wires sticking out all over the place, held together with scotch tape. We got out the roll of wonderful 3M, 2 inch blue painters tape to reinforce this invention he called a turbine suction blower thingy. I unrolled the tape and asked him when it was the right length before tearing it off. He loves to make his own decisions and "calculations" when he works. As I watched him taping madly away on this invention, and we ended up using the roll up, my mind started wandering to a tender place in my heart.........

What would Jesus have been doing at 3 1/2 years old? Seriously, I know who Jesus the man is in my life. My Redeemer, my Savior, my Everything. But this baby boy, born in a manger 2008 years ago, was a toddler before he became The King of Kings. As I watched Isaac's little hands working away I wondered what Jesus did when He was this age, what did he play with and invent and think about. His innocence, sensitivity, toddler passions. Hammers, nails, wood, His dad was a carpenter like Isaac's grandpa. He probably played and invented in Josephs shop. He probably kept Mary company in the kitchen, helping her bake and cook and get into things he shouldn't have at times, maybe even a time out or two along the way. But Jesus was a toddler before He became a man and our Prince of Peace. How could Mary marvel about her little boy as He spent His days in play and innocence, and in her heart of hearts, know His future and what it held for all of us? I can't even begin to imagine the burden she carried in her heart, the knowing of the end, the raising and training up for this end, no daydreams here, just knowing what her baby boy was sent here for and accepting Gods Will. Watching those tiny hands and fingers, the same ones that would one day be nail scarred, and the precious feet?, same thing. She knew His future, but I know she really did not know how heartbreaking the end would be until she was there at the foot of the cross, shattered and weeping for the One who once was her precious little toddler. Did her human, mother heart cry out "WHY" as it shattered into a million pieces? It must have, she was human, just like you and me. What were the memories each year after, as the date of His birth approached, as she thought of the purpose of His life lived out here on earth, and missing Him? Did she want Him back and realize it would never be? Did she ever feel bitter and angry, questioning God "why my baby?" The Bible doesn't go into detail here on the emotional and day to day life of a mother and child. But I know Mary was human like you and me, and I know she loved her baby boy with all of her heart and soul, and she knew that she would give Him back to God before her heart would ever be ready to let Him go. No mother is ever ready to "let go". It goes against the grain of the heart God gives us for our children, to love unconditionally and unto death. Yet, this was God's Plan for His Son. And we who believe in Him, are blessed to see this plan that took place 2008 years ago, being worked out in each of our lives today. We don't have all the answers, but we have so many more than Mary did back then. Gods time is perfect, and we are living in it today. I can't think about His birth, without thinking about His death and resurrection. They are three in one for me, just as the Trinity is.

So, with this said, and I know I don't know the meaning of keeping it "short and sweet", my grandson showed me my Jesus in real life and time yesterday. Just a glimpse but through a mothers and grandmothers eyes, in my heart. A whole new perspective for me, a deeper gratitude in my heart for the sacrifice an innocent little boy, who lived His life to give me the life I am so blessed with today. Life that comes Full Circle; birth, death and resurrection. Some circles are only moments lived, some are lived in hours, days, years, but each life comes full circle and we have Jesus, the reason for this season, to thank for this promise of God to us, His Gift.

Have a wonderful day today and try to remember to be a blessing to someone today. So many people are hurting and need hope today. I pray God blesses you big time today and all the days ahead.

Love and Hugs, Laurie


TheCarlsonCrew said...

What insightful words you share! I love the Christmas song "Breath of Heaven" because it speaks to Mary's perspective as she carries the Christ child. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your heart...


DeeDee said...

your insight was very inviting Larie...thank you

Your tale today, proved to me whay my favorite verse in the NT is
"and Mary took all these things and pondered them in her heart."

Mary did that twice, ya know. Once at Jesus' birth and once at the temple when Solomon held Jesus and said that "now he could die"

Mary definately knew what she protected and fed and loved was the very God she worshipped! WOW!!!

Joy and if I don't get back to ya, MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Cathy said...

What a blessing you are to each other. What a good grandma that he has in you! Thank you for your blog and the time you allow us to be into your life.

pam said...

As always, Laurie, your words are beautiful, insightful, and so meaningful. To be given a child is such a gift, isn't it? As we know- God has a plan for each of us, and sometimes we just don't understand it at the moment.

Enjoy those grandchildren.

Love, Pam

Kristy said...

Love this.
I also want to eat up that little Issac of yours!!! What a precious little man.

boltefamily said...

LOVE this post!