Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry ChristmasTo All Who Visit Here

It is a beautiful Christmas morning here in So. California. Chilly, cloudy, showers, sun peeking in and out. The fireplace is crackling with my Christmas fire and it is quiet here for now. It works out perfect as our sons celebrate Christmas Eve with their wives families, and Christmas morning at their own homes with their kids. We have Christmas dinner in the late afternoon here. When the boys were little, we used to spend every holiday on the road traveling to Los Angeles for my side of the family, and San Diego for Corkys side. We never woke up Christmas morning in our own home. I made a promise to myself that my sons families would not have to do this. And it works!!

We had Isaac and Hannah all day yesterday so that Dad could put together Isaacs new work station at home before they went from here to their Christmas Eve at the grandparents. Both of the grandkids got one of their presents and Hannah's was the delux Fisher Price Stroller (which had to be assembled) by grandpa. This little one year old squirt was pulling things out of the box left and right and taking off with parts. She was not patient while grandpa put it together. When it was finally done, she took off through the house like a "Mad Mother" on wheels from room to room with the biggest smile on her cute face. It was priceless to see her "roar".!! She insisted the baby ride head first no matter how many times we turned it around. She was not happy when she had to take her nap either. Isaac got a set of walkie talkies he's been wanting. He kept inventing some out of the unused baby monitors but of course they never worked. Now we can "contact" eachother no matter where we are in the house or out in the back yard. So now I have to keep my walkie talkie on me at all times when he's here. I don't have a cell phone but I have a walkie talkie. Being grandparents is sooo much fun.

The kids will be here by noon so mom and dad can take in a movie. It should be a fun day and a great evening dinner. I hope you all have a wonderful day with family and celebrate the One who made this day so special. Happy Birthday Jesus!! It is because of you that we have the most wonderful future to look forward to. Thank You.

Love and Hugs and Holiday Blessings,


pam said...

Enjoy your day with your dear family. You are clearly loved by them and by so many others as well. I am sure that your family knows how special you are, and how blessed they are to be given you as their mother/grandmother/wife.

Happy Christmas Day.

connie said...

Sorry I haven't been in touch. Part of it's work, and part is that I got sick enough that I was in the hospital for IV fluids overnight over the weekend, after more than 24 hrs of vomiting.

You have been on my mind a lot today. WISH I COULD COME VISIT YOU!!!

In heaven, let's save each other rooms next to each other! We got a lot of teas and cokes to catch up on.

love you,

Linds said...

Merry Christmas, Laurie! It is night time here and I am about to climb into bed with a good book and relax, and it is snowing again! Have a wonderful time with your grandkids. I can't wait to see my granddaughter racing around too! Not long to wait for her arrival now. Enjoy your holidays!

Kelli said...

Sounds like a dream Christmas for you and Corky! I'm so happy. We are snows in here, so didn't get to be with my mom, but we made it special.
You should see the coat Kati made me. It's beautiful! It looks professionally made- and she did it all alone.

I'm so proud

Dinner is soon but I wanted to wish y'all a Merry Christmas.

Love you-

Cathy said...

Laurie, I am glad you had a great Christmas. Your grandchildren are so lucky. Thank you for looking in on Annabel's Christmas pics. I did write something of my blessing but couldn't attach it to the post with the pictures. I need my older daughter to help and she is working.
Ok, Laurie, I am grateful that you now have a blog! But of course, that just make me want more! So now anytime you want to share pics with us we would love to see ya and those precious grandkids! Loving you here in TExas, my friend!
P.S. Connie wants you to save her a room next to you in Heaven, so save me the one on the other side.

Rach said...

Merry (somewhat late) Christmas, Friend!

Much love!