Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Few Thoughts On This Tuesday

I didn't mean to leave things hanging here after my last post but it got a little busy around here with the grandkids spending the weekend and just life in general. This is just a short update and tomorrow I am going to try and post some pictures to catch up.

First of all, Kristy's baby Hope turned one week old yesterday:) She is just gorgeous and such a blessing to their family. Prayers are still needed for the blisters they are treating and there have been no new ones developing. Praying it stays this way and for Kristy's nerves and heart. She is no stranger to disappointment and needs Gods grace to soothe her weary heart. Please continue to pray for them.

Second, in case you haven't noticed, April Rose's button has been removed from my blog. If you are curious, you can click on the Sundays button or Stellans button for the details. I am so very disappointed that someone would do such a thing here on the blogs of mothers suffering true loss of their babies. Such a low blow to our "Sisters" in the Lord who offered their support out of their own pain. I could go on and on but I won't because it would be easy to fall into judgement and it truly is not my right to judge anyone. This was a big one though my friends and your prayers are appreciated for all involved. So many of my sweet friends were hurt by this. It truly is a sad thing.:(

Corky and I have been enjoying the rewards of our patience with our new and improved plumbing. What a joy to jump in a shower and see new fresh tiles looking back at us:) And to have two working pottys that actually flush and not back up! We are both so content and don't have to worry about company coming over anymore and having to use the yard:)

I have the grandkids coming today so I am going to close this for today and catch up on some things tomorrow. I hope you all have a blessed day and remember to count your blessings. I know I am doing just that all day long:)

Love and Hugs, Laurie


ReadyAim said...

Hi Laurie, congrats on getting your plumbing issues fixed. That must be quite a relief (excuse the pun).

I was following the AR blog for months myself. The news that it was fiction has caused me to take a look at how much time I have spent following blogs. I do not doubt the legitimacy of any of the other blogs I followed, but I have decided to limit my blog time. I have whittled the blogs I follow down to just a few. I kept yours because you are always so uplifting and I can get caught up with any "baby news" right here.

Have a blessed day and enjoy those grandbabies.


connie said...

So it's safe to come over, now? That using the yard bit doesn't appeal to me much. :) Just kidding.

Funny, I was reading Lisa's comment and had the same reaction. It was something to make us stop and reevaluate.

pam said...

Last year I remember there was a blog that was outed as a fraud, and I had been following it. I think there will always be someone out there who loves and craves the attention and can say they are anyone behind a computer screen.

Moving on, there are some honest people who do need our prayers, and I am more than happy to be praying for them. I read on my charming kids, she said it best...these people actually need our prayers more than ever. I agree!

I love your Laurie! And I love your loving heart:)

Susie (So Blessed) said...

Indeed, it's a sad and disappointing thing to have happen...but, I guess that
poster actually does need our prayers...just not in the way we were misled to pray.

I appreciate your willingness, Laurie, to be a prayer warrior on behalf of so many hurting families.

I hope you have a wonderfully, blessed weekend.


Rach said...

Hi Laurie!

I'm SO glad everything is going smoothly for you once again. :o)

I'm sorry about that fraud blog. That is so disappointing on so many levels.

I need to ask you for a favor, please. My friend, Megan, just started a blog about her teeny new baby, Charlie. Here's the link. Could you please add Charlie and his family to your prayers? It is frightening just how tiny he is.

Thank you for being you. Love you! :o)

Cathy said...

I am just checking in on you my friend. Hoping all is going well. I pray that you are just spending so much time with the grandkids that you don't even care to post. We love you here!