Monday, October 24, 2011

Another week has flown by and I need to run faster to keep up.....

This past week was a blur at times. Went to the dentist on Wednesday and during my 3 1/2 hour appt, had three implants and two bone grafts. I discovered I am not as tough as I once was. I woke up Thursday morning looking like someone used my face for a punching bag. My mouth was on fire too:( I am over the shame of it's condition and am hesitant but happy to say I am getting excited. So far, all work has been done on the upper teeth and nothing visible to the eye yet. All an inside job for the teeth that will bring my smile back to me. It truly is a challenge to the dear dentist who is trying to figure things out for me. But I trust him and that is not an easy thing for me to do, trust anyone. God is teaching me some valuable lessons here in my mouth and heart. I am finally friends with my mouth again this morning:) I go back this Wednesday to get stitches out and see how things have been healing. Corky has his appt. Wednesday too and he is going to be sore when it's done too. I am glad we are doing it together so we can encourage eachother.

The guys worked on the school house again this weekend and the rafters are on the roof and the outside walls are sheeted. It is looking so good, snuggled into their yard. I will definitely post pictures when it is complete. Erin and I can hardly wait for the shingles to be on, all the way around the outside and window boxes under the windows:) It is so exciting to share our knowledge of construction with our grandkids. They both will be schooled in this little room for many years to come. Watching Corky and Josh working hard on this makes my heart so proud and Isaac helping out is the icing on the cake:)

I did not get down to see Sue this week but Bob is in the hospital after experiencing too much pain on Saturday. It turned out to be his pancreas that is thrashed from the cancer that has taken over his body. Bob has always been negative and moody for as long as we have known him, 45 years. But now it is ten times worse because of the fear inside him and it's effect on Sue. Her patience has always been thin with him but now it seems to be non existent. They are both so stubborn and proud and time is running out with the sun rapidly setting on their marriage. I have been praying that God opens doors and helps them to restore their love to some extent before it is too late. Sue can also be a hard cookie to get along with unless you know her heart as I do. This is tough all the way around and has Corky and I talking to eachother constantly about our love for eachother, especially now. We have been blessed with trials through our marriage that have made us stronger and closer. It feels like a dress rehearsal for our lives and the future that is before us and it scares me. I never thought I would live to be 63 and still feel like 35 in my heart. I am just so thankful that we know the Lord and He has us in His hands. Bob and Sue have this assurance too. Just praying for both of their hearts to soften towards eachother.

Hannah will be here today and we are going to work in the yard together. The weather has been cooling off and we have had coastal fog lasting half the day for over a week now. I love this time of year and cooler weather. I can't believe October is almost over and Thanksgiving is a month away. This is usually my hybernation time of the year, but not this year. Too much is going on and I need to stay present in body and spirit for many reasons. I still feel young in my mind and just wish I had back the energy to match. Don't we all? Have a wonderful day if you are reading this. I miss you guys but that's what I get for deserting my blog for so long:(

Love and Hugs, Laurie


Linds said...

I have been reading, Laurie - but my commenting has reached new depths. I am so sorry. I think you are heroic to embark on the quest for a wonderful smile. The pain and discomfort will be worth it though and I can't wait to see a cheesy grin!
How sad for your friends. I will add them to my prayer list, and trust that God will sort them out. he has His ways!
Working together as a family to build something for the future is so lovely, you know. Passing on skills and for the kids to see the generations creating something good is a wonderful lesson in itself. I wish Geoff had been around longer so he could have taught David more. I try, but I just don't know what Geoff knew! have a wonderful day, my sweet friend. Lots of love from a chilly England.

Dawn said...

I can't even imagine the pain in your mouth. I dislike going to the dentist enough when it's just a cleaning or a filling. I've had a lot done, but nothing like yours!

I am sorry about your friends, especially that they are not able to really be there for each other at this time. Pancreatic cancer is usually so fast.

Have a great day, dear friend!

Cathy said...

Yea...Laurie is back! We missed you on the blog. I will go back and read, just read your last two blogs. Do Please, share pictures of the school house. I love the description you shared in your writing. What a blessing you are to your family and I know you see them as blessings also.
Please continue to share your love with Corky. With all ya'll have been through it is helpful to us, who go through struggles. WE all learn from each other even sometimes if just tidbits. WE may never know the blessing we are to each other. Love you dear friend and so glad you are back.