Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's Wednesday And I Am Happy

My tile guy showed up this morning and is working on getting things finished here. I am so glad, I was starting to feel whiney and I don't like to be around me when I whine.

The grandkids will be here in an hour and it will be another outside day of play. Hannah went to MOPS last Friday and came down with another cold. Ugh. This happens every time they go and I told their mom to just leave them with me, that way none of us will get sick. The fresh air will do her good today.

I can't wait to get the work done here so I can make my physical exam appt, mammogram appt, and get to the dentist. I have a raging tooth and am on antibiotics to calm it right now but I need to get it taken care of along with three or four others. I don't have strong teeth and they have taken a beating over the years. I don't smile because I am embarrassed. And I am a person who just loves to smile. ~sigh~ So, this will be my summer agenda.

I have been blessed this month by receiving three emails from mommies who have lost their babies, who found me on other blogs I visit. I am always reminded of God's goodness when this happens because I know it is Him who makes this happen. To be asked to pray for someone who I don't know personally is such an honor. I know that prayer works and God hears. I got an email from a father of a girl who I have been visiting who lost her full term baby to still birth. It is heartbreaking. He wrote to thank me for encouraging his daughter and hoped that in this "cyber world" that I was sincere. What a blessing for this girl to have such a loving and caring father!!
I wrote him back and told him that I truly did care and he could visit here to find out about me. I just love his heart for his daughter.

Little Kayleigh on my sidebar left to be with the Lord in the past two weeks. They could use our prayers for this heartbreaking time. She was so close to going home for the first time since her birth, the one pound miracle. Her memorial videos are beautiful if you have time to click on and watch. Three more babies have gone to be with the Lord just in this month and their families are really struggling in this new reality they are facing. I will never understand this side of heaven, why our little ones must go before us, but I trust God. I read something Heather wrote a while back on her blog that really summed it up for me. She said, "Sometimes, it is in the silence of the answers that Christ speaks the loudest. Maybe, just maybe there is no answer, it is just what it is, His Will." This settled in my heart and allowed me to stop trying to figure God out. He is the same yesterday, today and forever. And I am not.:)

One more favor before I close for the day, please keep Kristy and Miss Baby Bolte in your prayers as her birthday is any time now. Pray for the peace that passes all understanding for Kristy and for joy to fill her heart. This little girl is checking in perfect in all of her appointments as God is doing a new thing in their family. I am so excited for them. Thanks guys and I love you. Have a super blessed day today.

Love and Hugs, Laurie


Rach said...

You are the most beautiful person, Laurie, both inside and out. Bless you for your love, prayers and compassion.

You are a busy busy lady, that's for sure. I will most definitely keep all those folks and their wee ones in my prayers.

Many HUGS to you! :o)

Dawn said...

You do have an amazing ministry!

I always picture you smiling.

Cathy said...

thank you so much for keeping us up on these little one. Also for passing on Heather's words. How true:
Praying for this tooth issue you have. I had 3 worked on late March and then Annabel went in the hosp. I was taking something every four hours. One of the teeth is still sensitive and I just fear root canal. Yuck! Hoping one day to experience your smile face to face.

DeeDee said...

Laurie, I am still in Georgia but will keep these close to my hert in prayer. If you can send me the email/blog of the father who wrote you about his stillborn...having delivered a still born myself, my heart goes out to them. They need to know the importance of encourageing friendships.

Love to you dear friend whom I have yet to meet! Joy 4 your day.

Dawn said...

I hope all is well with you and that you are busily doing something you enjoy!

Misty said...

Thank you for your kind words, and thank you for bringing attention to other mothers that need our prayers.... Such a long road for so many people.

xo Misty

Always a Southern Girl said...

Laurie, Hope your time with your grandkids was fun!

I hate it when I get whiney too. Ha!

I gotta schedule all the same appt. as you. Fun, Fun!!

Cathy said...

Hello, are you there?? Just stopping by and now I am worried about you! Love you my friend, Cathy