Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Morning And May Is Half Over

It is Monday morning here in California and I am sure it is all over the news that we had an earthquake last night about 8:40 p.m. It was a good shaker at 4.7 and was centered about 40 miles north of us. It felt like someone lifted up the house and shook it from side to side for about 20 seconds. I really need to get a kit together so if the power goes out, I don't have to raid all of Isaac and Hannahs toys for batteries:)

I am hoping that the guys come this morning and grout the floor tiles and get things finished up this week. My patience is in a coma at this point and I want a warm shower so bad!! I can't wait to wipe down the cobwebs on the walls and put things back together.

In the meantime, I ordered two new sets of sheets yesterday and can't wait for them to arrive. My old ones are shot. They are the jersey T-Shirt material ones and I can't tell you how comfy they have been. I won't go back to the others anymore. They are soft and feel like you are sleeping in your most comfy favorite T-Shirt. I love them. Corky does too so it's all so good.

Isaac and Hannah will be here today and I am looking forward to playing. We went shopping yesterday and we are all stocked up on goodies for the kids. Shhh, don't tell mom and dad that I give them ice cream sandwiches and tons of fruit. It will be another outside day even though it is overcast here. As long as it is not raining, we play outside in the fresh air. I am loving having the windows open in the house all day and night. It will stay this way until November. We have so many birds in the trees singing all day long and things are blooming all over the place. The jasmine in the front and back yards keep blooming and they smell heavenly.

How did your weekend go for you? Ours was so relaxing and I got a lot of nap time in. Let me know how you are and if you need prayer okay? I love you guys.

Love and Hugs, Laurie


Cathy said...

Laurie, As I read you post I closed my eyes and imagined the windows open, birds singing and your grandkids playing so happily. What a wonderful image and so relaxing. I am so sorry about the earthquake as I have not had the TV on yet this morning. I am also quite jealous of the temp. being so good til November. Summers here are unbearable but oh well, we have the A/C. Glad all is well with you and enjoy those blessing you having playing outside. Love you, dear and faithful friend.

pam said...

Okay!! You scared me when I first started reading this. I am so glad you and your hubby are fine. I remember visiting my great aunt and uncle in Hemet (as a kid, the one and only time I will ever go on a plane) and seeing everything re-enforced to the wall!

Today is our holiday Monday, the sun is shining and the birds are singing. I am thinking of heading to the garden center, although it is cool.

My Great Aunt passed away last night. Please pray for peace for her children, especially her daughter, they were so close. I am sure she feel lost this morning. Luckily, I was able to have a little visit with her at Easter time. I am very thankful for taking the time to drop in for a visit.

Have a great day, Laurie.

Love you!!

Susie (So Blessed) said...

I had a very nice weekend, too...including naps!

Your description makes me
wish I was at home, instead
of at work. Temps here are cool today...but pretty soon here in the deep south it will be HOT and HUMID!

I was a stay at home
mom until 4 years ago (my youngest
is 24). My hubby is the 3rd generation in a 70+ year old family tile (yes, I said TILE) business. I came to "fill in" 4 years ago, which seems to have become permanent. Wish we were closer so we could have done your tile work (hopefully) in a more timely manner! Hang in there, because it will be soooo worth it.
Hubby re-did our master bath last
year himself, after working all day, and from start to finish it took him about 6 weeks. So, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

So thankful ya'll are okay...that earthquake would have scared the wits out of me, I'm sure!

You have a nice day...and enjoy those grandkids!


Dawn said...

It is finally summer here - at least for a couple of days! It's going to be 90 today. I want to be outside under a tree reading my book!

The twins are here, and Feisty is here since school was out. I can't believe they only have this week and next of school left. I don't know what we'll do all summer.

Kathryn said...

I'm not as frightened of the earthquakes as i used to be. I would think we would have felt your earthquake a little in BB, but i wasn't even aware of it. We've had a couple of small ones about 10 miles from us.

I love all the blooming happening in OC right now. It is so very beautiful. Hope you enjoy the time with the grandkids. That sounds stupid! I know you will enjoy it! :)