Saturday, April 10, 2010

Almost Six Months Have Flown By...

I have no idea if anyone even stops by here anymore and that's okay. It has almost been six months since I last posted. I am still trying to get things in order around here, both inside the house and outside in the yards. It is coming along but still lots to do. The same is true with my spiritual life and God is showing me how patient He is with me. Be still, know that He is God, and keep moving forward with Him.

The holidays were wonderful, all of them. It is my nature to hibernate in the winter and this season was no exception. When I hibernate, I go inward on myself, looking back to where I came from, the things that have been healed and the things that need work. I am a work in progress and am so thankful that God is not in a hurry with me:) I am in a hurry with myself and am learning to chill out.

I turned 62 in March and in my heart I feel younger than I ever thought possible. The outward appearance is showing the wear and tear of so many years, but my heart keeps getting younger as I work on myself. Isaac and Hannah make me young at heart too. These two treasures never cease to amaze me in feeling loved. They just love me, discipline and all. I would never do anything that would hurt them, physically or spiritually, risking losing their trust. I was hurt deeply when I was their age and life made no sense to me. I heal little pieces of that life everytime I do something right with them and the response I get in return is hugs and kisses and love. The way it should be for all children. I am so blessed to be a part of my own healing process as I love these kids, and my own sons with all my heart. Healing is a slow and steady process with many potholes along the way, but healing is the active adjective that keeps occurring along the way. And I am learning to accept myself more like God does.

I have some prayer requests that I would like to share:

1. Kelli needs a kidney. Her list of transplant possibilities is empty now. I know that this is when God does His best work and I am asking that you remember my dear friend who needs His touch now. I love her and my heart hurts for her to get the miracle only He can provide.

2. Mallorie had surgery and I am praying for her to have a completely successful recovery and that it solves the problems she has been having. She is such a wonderful little girl as is Annabel, who needs our prayers too. And their mommies Cathy and Connie who are my dear friends.

3. Emma Grace, "Especially Heather's" daughter who has been in the hospital fighting for her precious life. Heather and her husband need prayer too. I can't imagine the pain they are in, watching their daughter go through so much.

There are many more but these are my "urgents".

Life has been blessed and I have no complaints, only praise and thankfulness. Corky's job continues to hold on through these hard days for so many and I know we are not out of the woods by a long shot. We just keep trusting Him and He is faithful.

I am loving Spring and working in the yards, getting dirty and knowing something pretty is to follow:) The dandelions are in full bloom, I don't pull them anymore since they are Asher's flowers now:). I love to watch Isaac and Hannah blow the seeds into the air with huge smiles on their faces. I see it as spreading the love:)

Well, that's all for now, more to come in the days ahead, even if I am only writing to myself the words I need to hear and remember. Happy Spring everyone. Hey, do me a favor and let me know if you are here okay?

Love and Hugs, Laurie


pam said...

Hi Laurie,

You are always in my heart, I am always thinking and praying for you.

Glad you are enjoying the spring, we are just getting into it here. Sun shine is always welcome. Bet, those grandkids are getting big:)

Love, Pam

Linds said...

I am here - of course! And I keep up with things on Facebook too, and see you around at Heather's and at Kelli's as well, Laurie. Life seems to have a rhythm at the moment. Sometimes the blogging comes easily, and sometimes it does not. Whatever suits you is just fine. And life also has magical things like grandkids, of course! That means priorities definitely change! Happy Spring to you!

Dawn said...

What fun to find a post from you! Facebook is fun, but it's not the same as blogging!