Monday, April 12, 2010

Monday And A New Week Ahead...

We had a wonderful April shower that hit about 3:00am. It woke me up and sounded so good. I hope it washed tons of pollen away and I know the yards loved it too.

In February my son Eric asked if we would have a surprise party for his wife on their second wedding anniversary. They didn't have a wedding or reception when they got married. The date? April 3rd. The day after Good Friday and the day before Easter Sunday. Okay... We got tons of yardwork done and spring cleaning too. It was a rush to get it all done in time and my Sis in law and I worked our butts off!!! The yards and trees got cut back quite a lot and are now happy and blooming. The party was great and it was so good to see some of their friends and their kids. Just like old times in the yard. So many parties have taken place back there over the 34 years we have lived here. Corky made spaghetti and I baked cheesecakes. Sis and I got buzzed on Strawberry Margaritas and enjoyed the fruits of all our labor. We swore this was the last time yet we have been thinking about the next one:) It was sweet to watch Isaac share "HIS" yard with all the kids that came. He got to help his Uncle Eric build a new set of stairs to the upper yard, using a lot of the old things I had hanging around. They turned out great.

Easter Sunday I got to meet "Logan" who was born February 2nd. He is Annie's new baby. Annie is one of the three sisters who had been my neighbors since they were born. I have been their surrogate mom since they lost their mom to cancer back in 1994. This baby is so healthy, gorgeous and loved. Their dad remarried and still lives next door. Martina, his wife is in labor right now with her first baby. A new brother or sister for Annie, Kristina and Melissa:) The girls all live in Venice and Beverly Hills now but I always see them when they come down to their dads. I will be seeing a lot of them now with the new baby too. This is their home away from home. I love these girls so much.

Isaac and Hannah will be here soon so I will close for now and get ready for a fun day with them. I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

Love and Hugs, Laurie


Dawn said...

Sounds like a very good party! Glad the pollen got washed away -- I read that this is an especially bad year for pollen in some places.

pam said...

Your outdoor party sounds wonderful. Those are the most meaningful memories of life...full of good friends, family, laughter, and great food:)