Thursday, September 30, 2010

Last Day of September and Moving Along Just Fine:)

It has been a good month, and the weather is doing it's crazy thing. Really hot this week and last week was really cool. The yards are loving the heat as there hasn't been much to speak of this summer.

Isaac absolutely loves kindergarten and I am so proud of him. Hannah and I pick him up on Mondays after school. I love seeing his face light up when he sees us outside the door:) The first day he yelled out "Gramma" and the whole class turned around and smiled. Yeah, they all know who gramma's are:) He is doing great and has made a good friend named Jack. He is so shy like his dad was at this age. I love this little guy so much.

Corky has been working a swing shift at work so he is gone by 12:00 and home by 11:00 pm. It will probably be this way until after the holidays. Not a lot of time to do much when we sleep until 7:00 am. And he only gets to see Hannah right now on Monday mornings. He really misses them and they miss him a lot too. I am thankful for his job and know it won't be forever but he is so in love with these two kids!
Hannah is the apple of his eye:)

I have been working on myself since my last post and am making progress in little steps. I appreciate the prayers of those who still come here. They mean a lot to me and I can feel them. I have been eating healthier and curbing some bad habits too. I've been working in the yards and keeping things pruned back so they don't get out of hand.

It's hard to believe tomorrow is October 1st. I am glad it will be Friday and Corky will be home for the weekend. I need to go buy Iron Man 2 tomorrow so we can watch it over the weekend.

My heart is really heavy for Connie and John Thompson. Mallorie Rose who was almost 4 died almost two weeks ago and I can't imagine the pain they are going through. She was one of my Trisomy Sweethearts who proved that her quality of life was wonderful and just perfect the way God created her. She is healed but the family is left with an empty spot in their home and hearts. I loved her and I miss her so much. She taught me so much in her full little life.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and that you feel God's blessings all around you. They are everywhere:)

Love and Hugs, Laurie


Dawn said...

Good update, Laurie. I pick up the kids a lot at school, but they are usually hoping it's their mom who's coming, so are not as excited! But we're doing okay.

Tomorrow is our big trip, and right now it's raining cats and dogs out there. I will be so disappointed if it rains on us the whole time we're there, which is kind of what the forecast looks like right now. Does God care for our vacation and the weather?? I know he does, but they need rain so badly out there. What a conundrum!

Sorry about the little angel who has left sad people behind. But what a life she is now living!

Have a great week-end!

PAM said...

Breaks my heart...Jillian is four and I would be lost if she was gone. Def. sending prayers to that family.

Still thinking and praying for you. Hope October has been nice so far. We have Thanksgiving this coming weekend, and it is looking perfect.


Cathy said...

Thank you for sending your sweet prayers to the Thompson's. Yes they sure need them.
I am glad you are working on Laurie!You have very lucky grandchildren and I do know you feel so blessed. Enjoy your weekend with your Corky and a good movie!