Saturday, March 26, 2011

Another Month Has Flown By............

Okay, so I am only getting in my second post in March here but I am trying to get better. So far this year has been a blender of ups and downs and many emotions. I choose to focus on the ups and the good things.

My yards are starting to come around again after the major mess up and clean up. I am so glad it is Spring, rain or shine, Spring. Working in the yards has been such good therapy for my soul and it is much needed. The jasmine is exploding all over the yards and the smell is just heavenly everywhere I go. Orchids are blooming and are so beautiful. Freesias blooming and smelling wonderful and all the tropicals are happy. I love hydrangeas and they seem to love the lack of direct sun in my yards. I got brave and really pruned them back as God has been pruning me back and I have to say they needed that just as I have needed it. My fushias are crazy and all grow into trees for lack of sun. The hummingbirds love them and are back in full force buzzing around the yard. My garden is not structured. It dictates what it's going to do and I follow it's lead. Our soil is clay, the kind you build adobe houses with and I have lost hundreds of bulbs to the abyss of clay. So they get planted in containers so I can keep track of them. I need to start taking and posting pictures again but I think I have forgotten how:(

Corky is back on working days and it is so good to have him home and spend time in the evenings again. This next week will be hell on wheels for him as he is getting a $5 million job finished. His boss asked him if he would postpone our vacation for a week to get this done and offered him $10,000 as incentive. Corky would have done it for free but hey, why not get rewarded for it too? Yes, we will pay taxes on it but it is a blessing. We had no plans except to go up to the redwoods for a few days to spend time with dear friends and just hang out. The rest of the time is just relaxing and enjoying the grandkids when they are here. Yesterday they were both here and Grandpa's heart was full to overflowing. He has barely seen them these past five months. My heart just melted watching the three of them yesterday!
We baked cookie cake, their absolute "sugar high" of choice. I measured, the kids mixed the dry ingredients and Corky mixed it. It is the family favorite for generations here. It had ten more minutes of baking when Daddy got here to pick them up and he gladly waited for it to cool before cutting into it and going home:)

I have a few prayer requests and would appreciate your prayers.

1. Sweet Kelli is so close to getting the kidney she so desperately needs and my heart is just so heavy for her and all she has been through. I love this girl whom I have never met and want Gods best for her now.

2. Eric is struggling and could use prayers. It is so hard to watch him fight with himself and not realize that he is his own worst enemy. He probably learned that from me as I am still my own worst enemy at times. I just want him to experience Gods peace in his life.

3. Annabel is in the hospital again and needs His healing touch. This little girl is one tough cookie and she humbles me. She and Cathy need our prayers.

4. Corky needs our prayers to get through this next week without losing his mind to stress. He is such a faithful employee and this company relies on his strength to get things done. He is a wonderful man and husband:)

5. Me, you can pray however you'd like for me to continue to rise above the depression and keep my ear in tune with what God wants me to hear and learn in this season.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and thank you for visiting me. I love you all.

Love and Hugs, Laurie


Linds said...

It will be my pleasure to pray for you all, Laurie. Kelli is my friend too, and I so want her to be whole and happy.

Freesias are my favourite flower, you know. Their scent is heavenly. In South Africa, I always grew hydrangeas in the shade - it was a surprise to see people in the UK growing them in the sun. They get burnt! Shade is good. I also use pots for so many things, even for growing potatoes. That way I don't have to deal with wormy things, thank heavens!
You have a great weekend, my friend!

Dawn said...

I would love to see your yard sometime. We have clay as well, but Dwight has put so much potting soil in it over the years that it's better. I wish I liked yard work, but am glad Dwight does!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

sending prayers....Just wanted to stop by and say Happy Easter....


DeeDee said...

look at me it's May and I just got on your blog...sorry sweetie. Your flowers sound amazing and I could see the descriptive flow of your back yard...yet my allergies would be a mess in your yard. Love you girl.

How has those prayers been answered? I know with His grace n mercy. Hope you enjoyed your vacate to the redwoods....sounds heavenly.

Cathy said...

Oh sweet friend I was so excited when I clicked on your blog. I guess I had stopped coming by a few months ago because I thought you had stopped blogging. For so long I checked in and saw nothing new. Thank you for blogging again, Will be back!

~Red Tin Heart~ said...

i will pray for your prayer requests dear friend...thank you so much for your kind words on my mean something to me..truly

love always, nita