Sunday, March 6, 2011

~Happy Birthday Blessings Today ~

It has been a great weekend and birthday today. Corky had told me to get whatever I wanted and cost didn't matter:) Hmmm. Friday I brought home my second adopted cat from the shelter. She grabbed my leg when I walked by and just chatted her heart out to me. She is about 2 years old and is a fluffy black and white Tuxedo girl, with the most precious face ever. And she stole my heart. She was free because she had a seizure when she first came in and broke her leg in the bars of the cage. She is all better now but will be on seizure meds for the rest of her life. She also came with a $400.00 credit towards the future vets costs or meds. She is a lover and Isaac went with me to pick her up. He was so stoked:) After observing her personality since Friday afternoon, her name is Zipper, like the flying bug in the Rescue Rangers with Chip & Dale and the crew. It is amazing the peace she has brought to our home. We are cat people and I am a cat girl through and through. They are my therapy always. Her effect on Eric has been amazing. He is missing his two cats so much too but doesn't get to love on them anymore. Zipper is my free birthday gift and she loves everyone here. A great gift for sure.

Speaking of Eric, he is working on rebuilding the backyard room. Insulation, drywall, new door that he is making into a dutch door (yay) and new roof. It was a mess out there and lots of water damage. All of the junk stored in it for years is now stacked in the yard that is waiting for Spring. I am working around it and know it will be so great when it's done. We can use it for a guest house after he is back on his feet. He is in his element when he is working construction. He has been more at peace these past three or four days and I am so thankful for the prayers that I know are covering this. When he is all done I will paint the inside and outside and get my landscape put back together. I want to paint the outside aqua or turquoise and keep the inside light. We bought all the materials and our labor is free:) Call it room and board and I am happy.

Thursday when Hannah and I were hiding under cover from the bears and snuggling and wrestling, my gold chain with my very special piece of jade broke and the jade fell off somewhere. My heart sunk. Corky bought me this back in 1995 on Mothers Day when I was visiting him in Taiwan where he was working. It was the Mothers Day when the boys birthday falls on Mothers Day Sunday. It has a lot of sentiment to me. Eric searched and Hannah got down on her precious hands and knees to look for it. Eric found it and I could breathe again. Hannah has loved my jade necklace since she was about 4 months old. I never take it off. She is always careful in handling it when she is snuggling. She will get this when she is older:)

Speaking of older, I still don't know what 63 is supposed to feel like now that it is my age. It sure is evident in my body but my heart feels so young when I count my blessings over these years. I thank God every morning when I open my eyes and find myself still here and next to my heart and soul mate. It is a comfort that I have been blessed with that scares me so much sometimes. I don't want to think of losing my best half if it was to be God's will. Out of my hands and in His.

Hannah will be here tomorrow and get to love on the new cat while Isaac is in school. She will tell him all about it when she gets home tomorrow, as he told her about getting to go pick her up with me. They are so funny about the ownership they feel over our house and all who live here:) I wouldn't have it any other way. They also called this morning and sang Happy Birthday to me. Melted my heart. So this day has been a very blessed one for me all the way around and the sun was out like Spring too. I am slowly but surely adjusting to all the things going on right now and I am content with it.

Love and Hugs, Laurie


Linds said...

Your day sounds perfect, and I am so happy for you that you got your new cat! Eric is doing a wonderful job for you - see - blessings come in the strangest of ways, don't they. We need to see the after pics when you are all done!

Rach said...

Hi friend!

It's good to hear from you again! :o) Happy happy birthday. I'd love to see a photo of your newest baby. Oh, and I'm SO grateful you were able to find the missing piece of your broken necklace.


DeeDee said...

I just got on here Laurie...I know your bday was special b/c those you love were surrounding you and Our Lord blessed you. We so need to start blogging and chatting again. Here's a toast to your week.

Hugs DeeDee