Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Simple Things In Life

Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous. About 72 degrees and sunny blue skies, just like Spring is supposed to be:) The kids didn't get here until noon so after lunch, we spent the afternoon outside exploring all things nature. I love watching Hannah looking up at everything that is moving and sparkling. Of course, when you are only 30 inches tall, everything is up! She loves the birds chirping in the trees, the big black crows being smart mouths up in the pine tree. Huge flocks of seagulls fly right over our house from the beach to the dump that is about 5 miles away. This is their daily routine. Amos the cat follows Hannah everywhere she goes. They truly have a love affair going on. She points at every windchime and wants to hear them make music and gets the biggest smile on her face. Every rock and stone she picked up was a treasure to her. The simple things in life are found through the eyes of a child. Watching them explore is better than any movie I have seen. She is a girlie girl but is going to be one tough chick.! She has to be with her big brother leading the pack:)

Isaac spent the afternoon exploring everything that was "booby-trap" material out in the yards. He loves to go down the side of the house in the "bamboo forest" and collect the dead woody sticks and build gates to keep the wild animals out. The wild animal he is talking about is Jake, the dog. Good Luck. He gets so ticked off when the dog runs right over the trap and destroys it. "He is supposed to stop Grandma. It means keep out and he's not minding me! He's ruining my inventions!!" It is like watching two almost 4 year olds bickering. His mom had their annual easter egg dying party at their house yesterday before they came here. About 20 kids total and one of his buddies Jack, is totally into everything rescue and firefighting. He brought his walkie talkie toy and was getting into fire calls and getting Isaac involved in the rescues. Erin said they were having a blast until Isaac took the walkie talkie toy and started explaining to Jack how the thing was wired and how it worked when you unscrewed it and looked inside at the parts. She said that Jack stopped dead in his tracks and looked at Isaac like he was nutts. Poor kid, it's hard to find someone his age that shares the same technical desires he has buzzing around in his little head. He can't help it, this is how God wired him. He is not satisfied that things just work, he wants to know what it is that makes things work. I hope he uses this same enthusiasm to seek the Lord with all of his heart and plant deep roots of faith and knowledge. The simplicity of complication, that's my Isaac. He's my joy and my teacher. I love these kids so much it hurts sometimes.

Today is supposed to be another beautiful sunny day and my older brother is coming to visit today. He moved to Arizona about three years ago when his daughter moved there. We have lots of catching up to do and it should be fun. I am hoping the guys come to work on the tiles today, yesterday was a no show. I am looking forward to getting it done. My tax buddy called and we are getting money back this year! We usually break even on the federal and owe state taxes. We don't have any write offs so this is a pleasant surprise. I guess the 10% pay cut Corky took last year is coming back a little now. We want to buy a small used RV trailer so we can go with the kids when they go on get aways. Isaac calls theirs a motor home and is begging me and grandpa to buy one so we can all be together and have fun. He can "visit us in ours just like coming to our house." So many places right around us within an hours drive to get away. People are selling them really cheap right now and a "fixer-upper" would be great. More places to put my coke stuff:) A mini-museum on wheels:)
Isaac's term for it and he says he will help me fix it up! So hopefully, this is our plan for the near future. Plans can change but I hope this one will come true.

Well, I have been rambling all over the place long enough and I need to get a fresh pot of coffee on before my brother gets here. I hope you all have a great day and your weather is as good as mine will be.

Oh and thanks to Pam and Amanda, I now know how to copy and paste buttons to my blog. I about pulled my hair out yesterday trying and failing, but I now have two on my side bar. First picture posting help from all of you, and now buttons and links. What's next for this girl in Ca.? All of you are helping me with my fear of the unknown and I feel like I am learning to grow up on the internet with your help. Thanks so much!!

Love and Hugs, Laurie


Dawn said...

Have a great time with your brother. Two of my 3 are coming for our mom's 80th birthday on May 2 - the other one's wife is coming from England - wish he could, but we're glad she can. My sis and I are planning a big thing at church in the afternoon that Sunday.

I can't wait till the twins can walk and we can run around our yard and the park and the neighborhood - and Grandpa can take them on hikes in the mountains.

I posted about Kev today - I just felt like I had to.

Rach said...

What a beautiful time! Gorgeous weather and beautiful children. What could be better.

Poor Isaac. He and Han would have been perfect companions. She was always a bit beyond her peers as well. :sigh:

HUGS to you! Love ya! :o)

pam said...

When you get that trailer, hitch it up and drive across the country right up to Ontario Canada! I AM NOT KIDDING!!!

I am glad we could help. Were you able to figure out how to pull them down under your bio? Tech support is right here if you need him:)