Friday, April 3, 2009

All Over The Place Here On Friday

It has been a good week since my last post. The plumbing is finished, the hole filled back in and cement poured. Just the tiles in the tub/shower need to be torn out and new put back up, and the new tile floor to be laid. This will happen next week and by Friday, I will be taking over and washing down the walls and putting my final touches on the "new and improved" bathroom. It has been a long project but so worth it. I am amazed at the patience I have learned along the way:)

The grandkids are doing a sleep over tonight and Corky and I are looking forward to it. Our chance to break the rules and let Hannah stay up longer and fall asleep in Grandpas arms, and Isaac gets to stay up late and fall asleep on the couch with us. They can sleep it off in the morning and wake up when they want. I love to watch them come through the door and head to their room to play while mommy and daddy are trying to get goodbye hugs and kisses:) This is their home away from home and we are so blessed to share it with them, the place where daddy grew up. I am so grateful that we only live 10 minutes away from eachother. They have never been watched by anyone else except us. Family, it is so precious a gift.

On the NEWS front, Emily had her baby Abigail Joy last night and she is perfect!! She weighed 7lbs.2ozs. and is 21 inches. She is adorable. I am so thankful for the blessings God has poured out on their family.

Kim is due to deliver her baby in one week. I didn't realize the time was so close. I believe Kim to be more private with her family, and doesn't post as frequent about the daily life in her home and I totally respect that. So prayers for her to have a beautiful and blessed delivery are asked for here today. The sex of the baby will be known when it gets here. I love surprise babies. My grandkids were both surprises.

Kristy's baby girl will be here around the end of May and prayers for her continue for a wonderful day of delivery too. Peace, joy and hope are my desire for her until she meets this baby girl face to face.

Kenzie is enjoying Faith Claire and the blessings she is bringing to their family. She is so adorable.

Chrissy is enjoying Dante at home and he is such a little slugger and so cute.

Angie's Adrienne is getting cuter day by day and bringing so much joy to their family too.

Karen's new baby boy she is carrying is a ways off yet but prayers for him are being asked for, that he continues to develop healthy and strong.

Praying for Yvette as she continues nurturing Torrey in her home and waiting to hear about adoption of this precious girl, if it is Gods will.

I sound like a Grandma here I know, but I am a Grandma and my heart can't help but reach out farther than my own family. These girls are family to me in spirit. I have taken them into my heart and they are here to stay. I think when my time here on earth is over and I enter heaven; I hope God lets me work in the nursery:) I can't imagine anything more fulfilling and since I will have a new body that does not get tired, it will be great!!

I hope that all of you reading here have a wonderful weekend and find treasures in everything around you. We have so much to be thankful for and God has given us His beauty everywhere, if we only look. I love you and please pray for my girls.

Love and Hugs, Laurie


Ter said...

seems like everyone but me is having a baby this year.... the worst part is knowing I'll never have another one. :(

Rach said...

Praying for all these mommies and their sweet babies. :o) Baby Stellan is doing better as well. Woo hoo!

Enjoy your time with your grandbabies, Laurie. You deserve it!


Susie (So Blessed) said...

I join you in sharing the joy of all of God's goodness! Bless you, sweet Laurie...have a great weekend!

Dawn said...

When the girlies lived 3 doors down the street, they'd just walk in any time they wanted - it was their other house. It still is, but it takes a bit more effort to get here - 8 minutes away. But they definitely have a sense of ownership! It's great.

Such good news on all the babies. You certainly have a lot of honorary grands!

It's beautiful here today, supposedly with another snowstorm moving in tonight. We'll see!

ReadyAim said...

Good morning! Congrats on the bathroom remomel. It is such a good feeling to be done and to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

I chuckled at you working the nursery in heaven. Good one. Thanks for the baby update on all of our mamas. I follow them all too, but it was nice to see their status so nicely organized.

Have a great time with your grandkids. How wonderful for everyone to have them so close.

Judy said...

Have fun with your sleepover tonight! I'll bet you're a fun Grandma! What a blessing that you can be so close to your grandkids and have close relationships with them!