Saturday, April 11, 2009

Sunny Saturday In So. California

It is another beautiful sunny day and breezy. I think some yardwork is in order and that's what I am going to do. I spent Good Friday doing lots of soul searching and realizing how many times I had taken the day for granted in the past. Always an overcast and cloudy day, always. But yesterday the sun peaked out a few times for a moment during the day and got my attention. I felt the gratitude and thankfulness up close and personal and just spent the day reflecting on Gods Goodness, His gift I don't deserve, poured out for me and I am thankful, deep down in my soul thankful. Old hymns hummed in my head all day long. And I read other blogs messages and felt the same as they wrote. I am slowing down and not rushing past the cross to get to the resurrection this year. Without the cross, there would be nothing to celebrate and no resurrection. So today, I am going to do yardwork and reflect some more on His goodness and take my time. Tomorrow is Easter Sunday, and the Resurrection Day that changed the world forever. I will celebrate with family.

Most of you already know, but for those who don't, Kim had a baby girl on Thursday and she is perfect. Anna Grace Pearl is a "chunky" 8 lbs. and 19.5". I am so happy for them as they love on this new blessing to their family. An Easter Gift.

I am asking you to please continue praying for Kristy and her baby girl as they wait to meet her at the end of May. Her daddy is having so much fun painting a special nursery for his first little princess. I love it. She is going to rock his world!!

Stellan still needs our prayers and seems to be doing better, but not out of the woods. I have added a button (yes I know how now:) to pray for a very special little girl who needs lots of prayers for her and her mom. The blog is new so it is easy to catch up.

Another little baby boy needs our prayers too. His name is Noah and I haven't put his button up yet. He has many issues and will be born soon. I won't use the offending medical term but will say he needs a miracle.

Kathleen and her unborn baby girl with Trisomy needs our prayers. She is due very soon and needs compassionate doctors to help her baby.

And baby Michael Z. has passed one week now and is still fighting in the hospital. He has many issues too but his parents are holding on to God tightly as their little warrior continues to fight.

Lindsay Carlson is expecting her 4th baby, a girl. She is Caden's mommy who handed him back to the Lord moments after he was born last year. The baby is healthy and I am praying for their family to enjoy the blessings this baby will bring.

Before I started reading blogs, I knew there were babies leaving their mommys arms too soon, but not up close and personal as they are to me now. I will never understand Gods Plan but I believe with all my heart that His Plan is perfect, no matter what I think. So I will pray for these babies and His plans over their lives. Asking Him to be gentle with the families while He proves Himself to be faithful. Asking for Hope.

I hope all of you have a joyful day tomorrow as we celebrate the spectacular gift of God.

Love and Hugs, Laurie


Dawn said...

Sounds like a great way to spend the day. We went to an amazing Good Friday service last night at Kev and Sema's church - she was in the choir. Of course I was wondering what he was doing, and where he'll be spending resurrection celebration.

Cathy said...

Thank you, Laurie, for helping us catch up and learn of others who need our prayers. A most loving heart you posses and I know God smiles down on all you do. Happy Easter to your very Blessed family.

pam said...

I agree, there are so many out there that need our prayers.

Thank you for praying for Victoria. It is really hitting home, since it all happened so close to us. There are still no traces of her.