Monday, March 23, 2009

Gorgeous Monday Morning

After a cloudy and drizzly weekend, the sun is out this morning in all it's beauty. It will be in the low 70's all week and it really feels like Spring has come. Hannah is here and happy as can be. Isaac will be here after preschool. Both are feeling so much better and that makes me happy. Corky took a much needed week off work so it will be fun for the kids to have him home too. Fun for me too:)

Spring holds so much new life this year. Emily just had a perfect ultrasound and Abigail looks perfect and is perfect and will be here anytime.

Kristy has her ultrasound this afternoon and I am praying it all goes perfect for baby girl as I feel in my heart that it will. Soon this little girl will bless them face to face.

Karen has a baby boy blessing their family for the 4th time and praying for her next ultrasound to be perfect too.

And then Kim's baby should be blessing their family soon too! Baby Faith Claire is keeping Kenzie busy these days with much joy, and Baby Dante is basking at home in Chrissy's arms. Angie is blessed with Adrienne each and every day and Yvette is loving having Torrey to love in their family. What a difference one year has made from Spring last year to Spring this year. So much reflection and healing in between and continues to this day. God has taken and He is giving. I don't understand Him so much of the time but I know He is good all the time.

Zoe celebrated her one year birthday over the weekend, a day this little T-18 girl was not supposed to see. What a blessing she is. Annabel turned 4 and Mallorie is 2. Three very special little girls in my heart. Surviving and Thriving!! Not always easy but I see Gods hands on each little girl.

Baby Stellan at Mc Mamma's needs our prayers. He is back in the hospital with his little heart racing and needs healing. Praying for his family too. His condition is so very serious.

Many other families are now walking in the winter of their Spring, beginning the journey of grief that is so new and heartbreaking. Too many to list but all have my thoughts and prayers this Spring. I am always amazed how life goes on, the ups and downs for each of these families, the sorrows and joys. Watching God work in these lives with His grace and mercies. I continue learning in these journeys.

Lots of yardwork to do in the gardens this week and the weather is perfect for it. As I work, I will have all of you on my mind and talk to God about you. It serves two purposes at one time. I hope everyone of you have a wonderful Monday and find blessings all around you. You are blessings to me:)

Love and Hugs, Laurie


Ter said...

oh I do wish the time would come so I could spend more time outside. It is a little nicer now but the back yard is all ice (and little presents left behind by my doggie all winter) Hopefully, soon it will be melted enough to safely walk out into the back yard, and have some days where I can spend outside, where I feel closer to my daughter, and perhaps I will my husband too. I hope my daughter's garden grows this year. I have had so much trouble with it but last summer our neighbor gave us some of their plants to put in our garden. It was just a couple weeks before we found out my husband's cancer had returned. I know he was in pain but he suffered through it to help me plant them. I hope they grow this year. I have asked him if he can bless the garden. I'm not much of a religious person, but I like to think that they have some secret ways of helping things on earth come along. Anyway, sorry for rambling.

DeeDee said...

Laurie, I totally understand your excitement on the weather front...
It is in the 60's here and will be till Wed...(RAIN-yeah, we need rain)

I enjoyed today , cleaned the sliding glass door...opened up the windows..and enjoyed the sunshine!

Love you girl, love to all those mommies expecting new babies! HUGS!

Joy, DeeDee

Dawn said...

We had great weather all week-end, but today's colder and windy. There's snow north of us and rain south. No moisture here - we need some!

I'm amazed at the amount of babies and mommies you keep in touch with. Lots of good news!

Anonymous said...

So many new lives and what a wonderful time in the Spring for it to happen!

pam said...

So exciting to watch what was planned for those precious families all along! Hope you enjoyed your day with those sweet grandchildren!! The sun is shining here, not too warm yet. But spring is in the air.

I love you!

Cathy said...

Thank you for you precious writing. Yes as we are beyond blessed with the lives of our little miracles let us not forget for one second those that are in their process of grieving their loved ones. Can't begin to understand but do know God is with us through it all.

connie said...

Wow, as busy as I have been lately, I haven't kept up at all with any of these people's blogs. Little did I know, all I had to do was come here for a summary! We can all always count on you to love us, pray for us, remember all the details.

Love you,

Judy said...

What a meaningful recap of God's faithfulness to so many families who have experience such incredible loss! God is good and I'm so thankful for spring weather! I know exactly why He created seasons because His creation helps me reflect and reminds of me of His majesty and His love for His childen!