Thursday, March 19, 2009

Oh So Thankful Thursday

First of all this morning, I want to thank you for your prayers yesterday. God heard them and started turning things around almost immediately. I may just have to ask for prayer more often before things get so crazy.:) I am beginning to see how this all works in a much clearer light that giving and receiving is a "full circle" flow of God's blessings. Corky and my son Eric had a meeting after work yesterday and it really eased a lot of pressure as far as their job security was concerned. They were excited as we talked last night and I had to tell them that my "blog girlfriends" were praying. Corky got a huge smile on his face and told me to tell you that "You Rock.!" He says he understands what I do here online a little bit better:)

The grandkids were here yesterday and came back last night for 3 hours. Grandpa was in heaven just rolling around on the floor with them and feeling his day melt away. It is as much therapy for him as it is for me.

The hole in the bathroom floor is starting to be filled in this morning and progress
is being made:) Corky took a week off work and is going up north tomorrow to deliver a piece of furniture to our friends in the redwoods. I won't be going this time around because I have the kids tomorrow and I need to be here for the workers, so I am asking if you would pray for safe travel for him, it is a 10 hour drive one way and he will be by himself. He will spend the night up there and come back home on Saturday.

I just want to thank you girls again for praying for us, it means so much to me. The results were almost instant and I hope that when I pray for you, God answers as quickly for you. It is not perfect sailing from here on out at all, but He has lifted the heavy cloud that was blocking the hope from shining in. I appreciate each and every one of you with all my heart and I love our heart to heart connection in Him. Have a wonderful day today. And if you need prayer, let me know here and I will be on it.

Love and Hugs, Laurie


Dawn said...

Every time I look at those twins of ours, I realize the power of prayer and the power of this cyber connection we have. It is amazing!

Thanks for the good news.

Ter said...

I must've missed a post, but I'm glad everything's okay.

pam said...

I am so happy to read this update. You have just made my day, just to know things have brightened to you!

I love you:)

Needled Mom said...

We all know the magic of prayer. Glad you had such a sudden response.

Cathy said...

Will certainly continue to pray. You are such a warrior for all that need prayer in their lives. Thank you for letting us know your needs. I like that full circle thing.