Saturday, March 7, 2009


It is only 3:00pm right now but I am starting to turn clocks ahead as I have 31 of them in the house. Yes, that's right, 31. I have collected them over the years too, most of them coke ones and they are all up and running. By 8:00pm they will all be an hour ahead except for the one over the TV and the one that always gets forgotten somewhere. There are also five in the back yard garden and patio I will get to tomorrow. I like clocks:) I have never worn a watch in my life. But I do like to be able to look around wherever I am doing stuff during the day and keep track of time.

Today was beautiful. Sunny, in the 60's and a little bit breezy. Just enough breeze to get all the windchimes going and sounding so pretty and the smell of jasmine drifting all over the yards. All signs of Spring coming.

Yesterday was a great day with the kids. We made "Jello Jigglers" (I love this name that Lisa calls them). Isaac mixed it all together in the bowl and got excited when he added the "cement", the name he has for the Knox gelatin. Poured it in a huge roasting pan and let it set up in the fridge. We went outside and played for a few hours while it set up. It is so much fun to watch them use their imaginations outside and be so happy. And I don't have to do anything but watch and hold conversations with them. Isaac was blown away cutting up the jello into worms, shapes, and dicing tiny pieces, eating it as he went along. Such harmless fun. His birthday is in May and I told his mom that whatever theme he decided on, I would make a stained glass jello centerpiece to go along with it. What 4 year old wouldn't enjoy that? I can make all the jello colors ahead of time and have it ready to assemble in no time. And the best part of it all, I won't cut myself while I am doing it.:)

Well, I am rambling here so I think I will get back to the laundry and setting clocks ahead now. I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend and find some treasures along the way. They are out there, you just need to look for them.

Love and Hugs, Laurie


Needled Mom said...

31 clocks??? Oh my goodness and I thought I had a lot. I don't mind this change, but I hate when we have to turn them back in the fall as I usually just stop all of them, set a timer for one hour and then start them all up again.

Sounds like the Jig*glers were a big hit. Glad everyone had such fun.

Dawn said...

I prefer the Fall Back, in terms of gaining the hour. But I don't enjoy setting the clocks backward.

That's a lot of clocks you have! I have enough, but not nearly that many.

Right now my favorite, the grandfather, is sitting at 1:25 - it is not working and we need to get someone out here to fix it.

pam said...

Your day with the kids sounds wonderful. What fun you had with the jello. Do you have pictures?

I can feel your sun and smell your jasmine and hear your wind chimes! Thank you very much:)

I will try to remember to set the clock ahead when I go to bed! Love you, Laurie xox

connie said...

Thanks for the reminder about the time change!!

I love the thought of you doing your stained glass with a new medium! Wish I could see it.

Ter said...

I came here via Pam's post in which you are mentioned and your blog title made me sit up and take notice. I love coke!

And then as I scrolled down, I saw your profile pic, and I do believe you emailed me a time or two on the cancer blog I created to follow my husband's journey.

If I'm wrong about that, I apologize, but in any case, I hope you don't mind my popping in and eying the cola. ;)

Anonymous said...

I had to stop over because my dear friend, Pam, says you're wonderful. I believe her cuz she's wonderful herself.

I must say that I'd rather think ahead for 6 months than have to set 31 clocks! Yikes!

Ter said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog... I really appreciate it as I was having a bad day.

Mind if I raid your fridge for some coke? ;)

Kristy said...

Good morning!
Just stopping by the say hello, and bless you for keeping tabs on me!
I will email you soon......
Love to you my friend ~
( and happy *late* birthday!!)

Dawn said...

You must be having a very busy week! I wanted to let you know that there's a bit of a trip down memory lane for those of us in this age group - over at my site!

Dawn said...

Yes, I didn't mention Thorn Birds, but he was really great in that movie - I devoured that book, I remember. I just don't get how all these super handsome guys like GUYS. Ugh.

Please pray for Kev - he's so discouraged - he's trying desperately to find any kind of job. Yesterday he had a good lead on one at Wal-Mart - the guy was so impressed with his past experience - when he mentioned the background check, Kev immediately knew it was not good. He went to his lawyer's office to have him do the search. He took the results in yesterday and the guy cooled immediately. I want so much for this guy to give him a chance - it's been over 10 years since anything, but it's still showing up. How long does he have to suffer for the sins of his stupid youth??

Dawn said...

Me AGAIN - I forgot to tell you that the babies woke up with really yucky diapers this morning and fussy. I have the day off today, and Kristen was going to take Feisty to library day, so please pray that they'll be okay. She's frustrated with constant "stuff" with the babies.

I'm leaving in the morning with my sis for a quick trip to Kansas City to visit a former pastor's wife - we're really excited for a little getaway.

Stephanie said...

Hey Laurie...just checking in with you and wanted to tell you that while in Memphis this weekend my dear friend Macy introduced me to her good friend Angie Luce and we spoke of how wonderful of an encourager you are! Both of us said we sure would like to meet you one day face to face. You are a blessing and I appreciate you so much. Having a hard week as yesterday was 8 months ago that Jason met Jesus. God's grace is sufficient, though. Hope you have a blessed weekend! Love always,

Cathy said...

Just a little worried about our friend, hoping and praying your doing ok.

Always a Southern Girl said...

I love Spring forward, the longer days. But I hate adjusting my body to the time change. My husband tells me I just have issues! I need to try to make some Jigglers.--Have a geat week, Renee