Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Full Moon And A Full Heart

Last night after turning the lights out to go to bed, it looked like the patio light had been left on. I stepped outside and the most incredible full moon was glowing so bright. The rain clouds were clearing and it was heavenly to just look up into the dark sky and see the light and stars. Truly a God moment and my heart was full. He is my light in the dark nights of life.

I had such a great day with the grandkids yesterday. Hannah's personality is developing at warp speed and she just makes my heart laugh. I had forgotten how much you can teach little ones just by playing. First time around I was just busy 24/7 chasing after twins running in opposite directions and worrying about every little thing being perfect, which it never was. Now it is such a pleasure to play and teach. I follow Hannah's attention span as she goes from legos to dolls to stuffed animals and her stroller. We work on colors and counting of each thing and she loves it. We practice putting toys away and she loves to help. She's starting to talk and she is calling me mamaw. It is so much fun to have a little girlie girl around. I just love this little Bug!!

Isaac got here after preschool at lunch time with a bag full of valentine goodies from their party yesterday. He only goes once a week. He made me a valentine and when I told him I loved it, he got the sweetest smile and said "I love you gramma." Melt my heart. Then in a bag, he had a big valentine with his handprints in paint on the big red heart. Inside was a message to parents from their child pre-printed like an award. I melted over the handprints and told him how his daddy and uncle Eric used to make those for me and I have them all saved in a special box. He said "I want you to have THIS one gramma" with a big smile on his face and his big blue eyes sparkling up at me. I told him that THIS one was for his mommy and daddy because it had a message to parents. He looked at me and said "you are a parent too gramma". Yep, you are right my smart boy!! This boy just melts my heart to puddles every time I look at him. His little heart is so huge with love. We did painting up at the counter all afternoon while Hannah took her nap. They love it when Corky gets home early just to see them. He gets Hannah out of her crib and she just hugs him tight. He melts. He just loves having a girlie in his life. He has always felt that the first baby we lost was a girl. Though we will never know, his heart feels sure. So this little bug has stole his heart big time. After playing with her for a while, he takes Isaac out to the workshop in the garage to check out tubes and wires and tools. Manly Stuff and more man to boy bonding time.:) He scored one of grandpas old magnets yesterday and can't wait to start collecting treasures on the ground that will stick to it, pure magic!! It is such a blessing to have one of each grandkid to enjoy. They are so unique and different, and each one can be our favorite boy or girl. We will have a problem if a third baby comes. You never know. I don't ask:) We are both still in awe of how deeper the respect and love is from our grandkids. It is a whole new level of life and we are just loving it to pieces. I love seeing the LOVE OF MY LIFE being a grandpa. Oh, he's so good at it and it melts my heart with love even more for this man God gave to me.

The plumbing is still in progress. The hole in the main bathroom floor is now 4' x 6' x 4'deep. Yikes. It is burrowed from the bathroom to under the kitchen floor in front of the sink. The pipes have all fallen off in pieces as the clay is dug away. No bathtub or toilets or sinks can be used right now until they can hit a good spot on the old main pipe to weld to. I can still use water but have to catch it in a bucket. Microwave hot water in a bowl for washing up in the morning. Ah yeah, camping out at its best, and it has rained off and on all week. It is a race against time now. My girlfriend with the spooty husband will arrive on the 12th , and my niece from Michigan called and will be out on the 19th with her two kids and wants to arrange a playdate for the kiddos. Where will they potty? Laundry is backing up and sponge baths are really getting old. However, this house is OLD and when this is done, the plumbing will work wonders again. I can hardly wait! Thank God I am a low maintenance girl, seriously. Isaac checks out the progress each time he gets here and says to me "I can fix the pipes for you gramma, my plumbing books show how to do it". If only! He wants to get down in the hole and explore, NOPE. We are making memories here:) Not the kind I really want him to savor, but then again, IT'S PLUMBING!! And Corky and I aren't your typical grandparents. ~sigh~ Nothing normal about us.

If you are still with me here, I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday and remember to find things to be grateful for in the mundane of every day life. They are there if you look in the right places. I love you guys for visiting me, no matter what I post. My life really is all over the place on any given day. And I am okay with it!!

Love and Hugs, Laurie


pam said...

I love reading about your precious days with your grandchildren. It is so heart-warming to read of the love you have for them. What wonderful memories for them as they get older. (Just like what I have for my grandparents)

I would not be able to survive without running water. You are a much better woman than I. I would of packed up days ago.

Have a great day. I love you!!


Linds said...

I agree with Pam...what precious memories you are making for your grandchildren! They are so lucky to have you two as grandparents! They were saying on the TV here this morning that children don't learn as well when their grandparents look after them. Hogwash. This is a perfect example of how to love our grandkids.

No news from the Bump yet. She is late and my patience is wearing a little thin!

Dawn said...

Yikes! That sounds like quite the ordeal. That Isaac - he could probably do it!

DC is an awesome grandpa, too - he loves to think of excursions for them to go on, and is thrilled to have new hiking buddies.

TurtleD said...

OMG Laurie.....what an adventure!! LOL!! I know how that is without the toilets and water, etc. I've had that happen a couple of times with some of the homes that I have lived in and it can be very taxing to say the least!!! I've never had quite the size of hole you have, though, so that sounds a little scary with the little ones around!!!

We have come such a long ways haven't we girlfriend!! WOW...I look back and remember the things we use to talk about in school and how we have transformed in the last 40 some odd years and God definitely has been good. (and He does have such a wonderful sense of humor doesn't He!!!! :-)) It was a tough hill at times but we did make it!!

I know fully what you mean when it comes to the grandkids!! I was so anal about my girls when they were growing up and I look back now and just cringe because of how ridiculous alot of it was. BUT...my girls are their own person and I didn't try to make them alike - or as good as - each other (like my mom tried to do with me!!!!!) Now, playing with Kylee and having the greatest time with her means so much to me! When she is here - everything else stops and we play like you do. She is so creative and funny and silly that the time just flies by. Last Monday - when she found out that she was going to get to spend the night.....OMGoodness....she lit up like a christmas tree!! She loves staying at "MeeMaws"!!! AND....she loves taking a bath at my place as well! (go figure!!) She asks every time but doesn't get to do it each time. I don't have all of the same soap & shampoo that she has at home and her skin is sensitive to some soaps!! When mom has it all planned out - then she will bring the stuff over and we have a blast! I need to get some extra soaps and stuff to leave here at the house so we can be prepared.

Kylee is over in Seattle today getting another fitting for her "shell". I think they are going to draw the eye on it today (or at least measure where it should go and make sure they have the right color too!!) I was suppose to go over with Karrie today but Kylee wanted her Daddy to go with them today so that was much better. He is spending more time with her so she is growing closer to her daddy and that just warms my heart to see that! I will go with her on Thursday though. After that, she has 2 more appointments and then she will be done. She talks about the shell every once in awhile but with each appointment - it gets better. Once they get the shell fitted properly - she won't even feel it on her eye. She has definitely been a trooper through all of this and I wouldn't be surprised to find her going into that type of field when she graduates from High School and making the shells for other people too!! It's been a very fascinating process and we have all been really intrigued by the whole thing. Should she have to have her eye removed at any time....this allows her to be fitted for a glass eye and keeps the socket the size it should be. I pray that she won't have to have the eye removed before her adulthood. That would be very hard on her (and everyone else in the family). We all will have to learn how to take the shell off and on until she can do it on her own. I really don't think it will take her very long to do it all by herself. She's pretty smart and once she gets over that "fear" of doing it - she will be just fine.

I have to tell you this funny little story about her that happened last week!! She was in bed (and suppose to be sleeping!!!) and Karrie & Eric were watching TV in their bedroom and pretty soon they heard this....."Hello....pause....Hello......pause.....HEEEEEELLLLLOOOOOOO....IS ANYBODY HOOOOOMME???" Karrie & Eric started cracking up and couldn't stop laughing. Karrie said she was laughing so hard that she was crying!! Kids.....WHAT A BLESSING that they can keep us so humble!! I never did find out what she wanted and I don't think they did either!! Probably just a small glass of water!! LOL!!

Love ya girlfriend!! Talk with you later.


DeeDee said...

just pure sweetness, OUR GRANDKIDS ARE!

From other blog entries, you are very close to the ocean , right? I'm jealous! I love the power and smell of the ocean!

Bet you thought I was gonna suggest you bath in the ocean-teehee!

Rach said...

My mom has always said grandchildren are God's reward for not killing your own, lol! ;o)

Your Isaac and Hannah must be DOLLS! How wonderful for you to be able to spend so much time with them. :o)

Hang in there with the plumbing...