Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Birth Into The World Of Blogging

Three years ago, my son set me up with my first computer here. I know, I am a late bloomer. Everything was new and came with all the bells and whistles, doing everything but serving me my morning coffee. For the first year, I used it to keep my checking account posted, and reconcile each month and know exactly where I was at. This was enough for me. Then someone who saw my coke collection asked if I had ever been on ebay. I was scared to venture out on the internet up until that time. Too many horror stories of smutt and debt. Then I found ebay and what a trip!!

Two years ago this May 4th, a horrible traffic accident happened five miles from here and in an instant, a tractor-trailer rig ran over a family van, killing three babies under the age of 4 within moments. Three babies air lifted to three different trauma centers, the mother and grandmother taken to another hospital, and a father called out of a company office party with the news. He frantically tried to be in four separate places at one time as he kept getting calls telling him another child had just died, all three gone in under three hours, and having to tell his wife who was injured and in another hospital. They were together when the oldest, who had just turned four the day before, died in their arms. Hell On Earth. This was the Coble family of Ladera Ranch. It was all over the news everywhere. The chaplain Roger set up a website for people to leave comments and encouragement. Communities came together like never before and it was amazing. As I visited the website, I read comments and found one that led me to Elliot Mooneys video and story. A beautiful baby boy who lived for 99 days, diagnosed with Trisomy 18. I discovered if I clicked on the commenters name, it took me places. It was there that I found Mandy-Madaline Grace's mommy, then Boothe Farley- Copeland's mommy, Emily- Miller Graces mommy, Angie-Poppy Joy's mommy, Karen- Jacobs mommy, Yvette-Tristans mommy, Kim-Mary Graces mommy, Kenzie-Maddox's mommy, Christy-Eva Janettes mommy,
Kristy-Isaac and Ashers mommy, and the list goes on and on. I have always loved babies, always, and my heart just broke for all of these mommies as I prayed for each one as they waited to meet their little treasures. I prayed for them to have more days than Elliot, and I felt as if each one of these were my grandbabies. My first grandson Isaac, was only a year old at the time and it hit me hard. God gave me a burden for Trisomy babies and all babies who were born and left in a moment of time. And I have Annabel and Mallorie, who are living with this diagnosis and amazing me to trust God more and more. They are my warrior princesses and I love them.

My blogging experience has branched out during this time of being a commenter only, but my heart is still for the babies. I was too chicken to start my own blog, who wants to read about a grandma and her adorable grandkids? Or read about some boring ramblings of someone who tends to be all over the place like I am. (I see my ratings going down at times:). But I was coaxed into starting my blog and I am glad I did. I have made many wonderful ladies here and some have lost their husbands, older children, some are very ill and in need of healing, and some are grandmas like me, younger mommies raising their families, and it is all good to be a part of a sisterhood of women. In the world, women tend to pull eachother apart, but here, we all come together to encourage and lift up in prayer to the One and Only Lord that we all serve. It is refreshing to be sisters with all ages. I love it.

I welcome any questions any time and I am pretty much an open book. I have shared a condensed version of my life here, but there is so much more between the lines of what I have shared. The purpose of my life is to share what I have learned in the struggles with others. I have seen many miracles in my almost 61 years of life and God has showed me many personal things that make me smile, because they were just between Him and Me. He is so personal with each one of us where we are and I am so thankful for this. I will have to share some of these moments with you as time goes on. He has taught me that miracles are everywhere and usually the biggest ones come in the smallest packages. Just me breathing this morning is a miracle:)

I hope you all have a wonderful day and remember that my comments are always an open forum. You can talk about anything here whether it goes with the post or not. No structure on this site to speak of.:)

Love and Hugs, Laurie


Rach said...

Hello sweet Friend! The internet is indeed an amazing amazing place. I have friends (yes, FRIENDS!) from all over the world that I met through blogging. What incredible people we meet and experiences we share. Some say the internet only serves to isolate us, I say it has made the world smaller. :o)

Happy Thursday, Laurie!

Linds said...

I noticed you commenting long before you started your blog, Laurie, and it has been such a delight to get to know you too. I too have made the most amazing friends, from such diverse backgrounds, places and ages, and it has been a totally enriching adventure.
Long may the adventure continue! Love from a very chilly UK.

ReadyAim said...

Wow, Laurie! I was wondering how you started. I remember the Coble family accident very well. In fact, the truck driver who hit them lives in my town. Coincidentially, I was just checking on them a few days ago to see how they were doing. I am sure you know (but maybe others don't), they had triplets just shy of a year from the day they lost their son and two daughters in the crash. The babies are the same sexes- two girls and one boy.

With all the horrible things that happen on the Internet, it is especially wonderful seeing it used to share God's love and His word.

Have a great day!

Just Me said...

Thanks for sharing the story about how you got into "blogging". I, too, did a lot of reading of blogs before I created my own. I got this feeling that it was a little on the "rude side" to read about other people's lives without giving them the opportunity to read about mine...if they wanted to! And then one day I just started to "blog". Turns out that not TOO many people want to, but that is okay with me (and I'm SO blessed that you are one of the ones who continues to come read and leave me messages even if I don't have anything too important to say!)

Have a great day! It almost feels like spring here and that is SO wonderful!
Take care

Dawn said...

So - that answers the question I asked you the other day. When I think of our possibly Trisomy diagnosis before Katie was born - and that Emma was too small to survive - well, we know Who holds the future, don't we? Blessings, dear friend, as you have such a prayer ministry. I'm glad we met - and we are almost the same age - me just a bit older.

pam said...

And, I am so happy that you began your blog. Thanks, as always for your sweet comments. Keep your eye on your mailbox over the next few days!! I love you.


Susie (So Blessed) said...

Amazing, isn't it, how the internet can make this big old world not seem so big at all? It truly allows us to connect with people in such a wonderful way. I think that you are a beautiful testimony of one of God's prayer warriors and encourager to those in need. May you be greatly blessed as you continue to lift others up.


connie said...

Laurie, I know my life has been blessed by you and Annabel has surely been blessed by your prayers. Thank you for the mention of her here on your blog. For me, I know I am glad you began your blog, thank you. Just wanted you to know Mallorie's birthday is tomorrow. Two years old, Wow!

Kasey said...

you are so sweet, and I bet you are a great grandma! There is nothing better than a prayer warrior and that is what it sounds like you are. I bet the people that know you truly appreciate your faith and love for Christ! I think it's awesome!

Judy said...

I've seen your comments on blogs all over the place and just had to start checking in with you! I love your heart! Thank you for loving these grieving families and for sharing the love of Jesus with them! It's beautiful to see you living out the gospel via the internet! Who would have thought huh? I love it that God can be glorified and prayer warriors can be brought together through this man-made cyber world! Thanks for sharing your story of how you became a blogger!