Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Thanking God And Thanking You!

I am so thankful for your prayers yesterday and thankful for Gods answers. Corky's eye appointment went well. After being dilated, anything bad was ruled out and the spots he's been seeing are just a case of eyes getting old. They were afraid of the retina possibly starting to detach but it is fine. His eyes ARE fine, just getting tired. We are both so relieved and thankful. I told him you were praying for him too and he said "but they don't even know me" and I said "Soooooo?":) "They know me." I am so thankful for all of you praying. Before I started this blog, I just visited others and prayed for them. To be on the receiving end is quite the blessing and so humbling. Connections of the Heart through our Lord, I just love it. He never stops amazing me.

I have the kids coming today and if the weather cooperates, we are going to spend time outside, working off the cabin fever the rain has brought in the past few weeks. I will take my coffee outside, pull up a chair, smell the jasmine floating in the air and watch JOY in action as two of the worlds finest kids play and enjoy life. It doesn't get too much better than this. I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday and know that you are so loved and appreciated by me. You are my treasures too.

Love and Hugs, Laurie


Rach said...

Blessings and praise the Lord! What wonderful news Corky's eyes are just fine. Hooray! :o)

pam said...

Oh, your news has just made my day. I have a big smile on my face!

Enjoy the day, and take a deep breath smelling all the wonderful freshness for me!! I love you.


Needled Mom said...

The news on Corky's eyes was wonderful to read. I know what you mean about all of the wonderful prayer warriors in the blogging world. I felt such comfort knowing all the prayers for my mom last month.

Enjoy your day in the sun.

KingsLittleBlessings said...

That's such great news!! We did pray for you Corky, even if we don't know you! :) How cool, eh? You've family members all over the world!

DeeDee said...

Great News on Corky's eyes...tell him that thru you I feel like I already know him...God is so good...I would love to come out there someday and mett you face to face!

The jasmine sounds wonderful and I am already thinking about a month long visit w/my grands! They are pure JOY in action.

Love ya, hugs...DeeDee

Judy said...

I'm glad things turned out so well at the eye doctor! And boy do I wish it was warm enough for us to spend a little time outside! I guess it will come with time, winter just seems so long this time of year! Anyway, hooray for the great report on Corky!

Stephanie said...

Praising God for this news!
Loving and thanking God for you!

Dawn said...

I am so thankful that the news was good!

I wish I could sit in your yard with you and have maybe a Diet Coke or a cup of tea (if you have it), and watch all of our grands play together in your jasmine-permeated yard. What fun that would be.

There was actually a scent of spring in the air yesterday here in Colorado - a great thing. But we need some of that rain you've been getting.

Susie (So Blessed) said...

I didn't read your post in advance of your hubby's appointment, but I am very thankful that it went well. I did a post today on my blog that made me think of you, might want to read it. The topic of the post is a gift that you have been given and share so generously with others.
Just wanted you to know that you are a blessing!

Cathy said...

Thank you so much for checking in on us girls. She is doing much better, I am just trying to maintain a steady routine as far as sleep and feedings. Also, some good news is that as of today I have moved back home. The repairs were not as much as we though after Ike (mold) and the painters should have finished today, but still have some touch ups. But we had the movers scheduled for today so just keep it and now we are sleeping back as a family again. it does feel good to all be under one roof. Your prayers are so priceless. there are so many time I feel stresswise that I just can't keep up, but then I come and see my precious comments and it inspires me. It also makes me want to take a road trip and visit your way!! I do check in on you a couple times daily and I am so glad all is well with Corky. I love to read about your love and your life. Thank you for sharing with us and being my inspiration!