Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thankful Thursday

As I sit here and type, the bathroom pipes are starting to be hooked back up, one pipe and one joint at a time. It is music to my ears. If all goes well, I will be showering in the morning, able to wash my hair, catch up on the laundry and do some throne sitting.:) I'm feeling like an "almost" princess.:)

The grandkids were fun yesterday even though they both were under the weather a little. Hannah has her four molars bulging and coming in at the same time. She would chew on my car bumper if it would fit in her mouth. Poor girlie. When she was down for her nap, Isaac and I did some yardwork cutting back vines and plants. He is such a great help and walks around saying "we do great teamwork gramma". Well, before I knew it, he shrieked and I thought he got hurt. Nope, he screached through alligator tears that we smashed a "walking stick". At first I didn't realize what he was talking about and told him it was only a dead twig. "NO GRAMMA, it's a "walking stick"!!
Looking closer, I saw it was one of those bugs that looked exactly like a twig with legs and things.
"We killed it gramma!" Please Lord, make it move when I poke it gently. Two of its legs moved and I showed Isaac that it was indeed alive. I think it's rear end was flattened a little but it was moving. Still crying, he was laughing and yelling "IT'S ALIVE, WE DIDN'T KILL IT, IT'S ALIVE"!! You could hear him for blocks. We picked it up gently and put it on a plant where it could be safe and have a new home. Sheesh. This kid and his bugs. If it was dead, we would have had to hold a funeral right on the spot. As of this morning, the "walking stick" is enjoying it's new habitat and has walked around a lot. What a day! He tends to get very emotional when he doesn't feel so good. It breaks my heart to see him cry, his eyes are so danged sky blue and intense with tears. From now on we will gently tread when doing the yardwork. Having the kiddos here really puts me in touch with childhood feelings I had that I never could express because my childhood was not normal. I locked everything up inside. So, when I comfort them, I am comforting myself at the same time. Healing, it is such a strange and amazing journey. In my case, it will go on for a life time, but it is all good. Free therapy provided by the cutest kids in town.

And, on another note, guess who is on FACEBOOK? Yep, me. As if I don't spend enough time on blogs:) I was invited by a friend at Corky's work who is my age. I thought, "what the heck". No one will find me there. Ha!! Seven of my blog buddies have found and invited me. My "adopted since birth" neighbor sisters who are in their 20's now, have found me, their girlfriend in Romania who I just love, and a few others. Not being a girl of few words, I need to remember that the messages are short and sweet. It's not a blog. I have a hard time being short and to the point. ~sigh~ I still believe in spelling my words out and correctly, not abbrieviating :) At least I get an email when someone comments as I forget to check on the site. How many grandmas do you suppose are on Facebook? You now know of one.

Okay, I am done for now and going back to being serenaded by the sounds of my pipes being replaced and hooked up. Oh, it is a great Thursday and I am so thankful. Our "camping trip" is coming to a close. This HAS taught me a few things about "Third World" countries and how this is normal life for so many less fortunate than I am. Thank God I don't have to do clothes their way too. I have accumulated about eight full loads. We are ALL so blessed for the lives we lead, no matter the trials that come along. Life is Good because Jesus is in it!!

Have a wonderful day and if you feel like it, let me know what you are grateful for today. I love comments and prayer requests.

Love and Hugs, Laurie


DeeDee said...

I am grateful for you are so much like me. My endeavours, my walk w/life, my dearet friend (husband), family that mean more to me than anything else.

I wonder as I click on youe blog if you have written anything. I gush over the fact that you so enjoy your grands...and wish I could be closer to my 3.

So amoung other things that God has blessed over me..I count it all joy that we in blogland!

btw, I, a grandma, was on Facebooks for a long time until I found blogging to fit me better. Who says tech-no-geeking is for the younger generation?

Joy, DeeDee

ReadyAim said...

What a great post. I love the bug story and can relate to the way kids bring us to a place we need to be. I don't have grandchildren yet, but am sort of having the grandma experience with the little surprise I had at 40...

Thank you for your prayers. I have an idea as to what your own prayer request is and ours are very similar in nature. Feel free to email me at "" if you'd like to vent privately or share more details.

Have a blessed day and congrats on entering the world of Facebook. I'm on there too thanks to my big kids.


Kate said...

you always know the right things to say :) I appreciate you !

Dawn said...

What a tenderhearted little guy. And I'm so glad you are experiencing "free therapy" with those little rascals.

Yes, the babies pick up every little thing - and put it in their mouths. I'm careful, but sometimes little crumbs are on the floor!

Facebook - I have avoided it though I've been invited by I don't know how many people. I fear another cyber obsession, so have put off joining. I would love to see what high school, college, and friends from places I've lived and churches Dad served would come out of the woodwork. I'm still pondering.

Thanks for praying - Kev is here working on his stuff, and desperately needs a job! That is my request for today.