Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Morning P.S.

I forgot to mention that for all you Steeler's Fans, congratulations on your win yesterday. I am not a football fan but realize so many of you are. My condolences to the Cardinals Fans. I am a NASCAR junkie so this month is my month when the races are back on. I love me some NASCAR, and best of all, I GET IT!!!

Okay, on with my day.:)


Rach said...

Happy February, Friend. :o)

Letting go of control is SOOOOO hard. I know. I think that's one reason I love teaching so much, *I'm* in control, *I'm* in charge.

I'll pray for you, and I hope you enjoyed your day with your girlie! :o)

Dawn said...

Good hopeful post.

I don't watch football, but would have liked to see Arizona pull it off because of Kurt Warner's strong testimony for Jesus.

The sound of the ocean from your house sounds wonderful!