Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Sunny Wednesday

We are having a break in the weather after much needed rain, and it is going to be clear and sunny today. The guys are here working on the plumbing again and Isaac will be here in an hour. He will be so stoked to help out. Today will be a yardwork day again, trimming vines that have gotten wild. I have jasmine blooming all over the yards and they smell heavenly right now. Pure "nose candy" for sure. The grandkids will be glad to get outside and let loose too. They get cabin fever after a week or so.

One of the things I have realized over the years is that I am a vine finatic. I love them so much and have them planted all over the yards, front and back. But, if left unattended, they get wild and out of my control very fast. I am not good at pruning the vines, removing the old dead growth before the new sneaks up on me and starts to bloom. Jesus is such a perfect vine tender, always knowing the right time to prune me, so that the new doesn't get intertwined with the old (not too much anyway). It takes discipline to be a vine tender, something I am learning along the way, day by day. Maybe this is why I need vines in my life? To teach me. Just like my vines, I will always need pruning in my life; knowing the more of the old that gets cut away, the more room there is for the new growth to take hold.

Is there anything in your life being pruned away today, making room for new growth to take over? Share it with me here and if you need specific prayers, please leave them here and we can all encourage eachother in prayer. Have a wonderful Wednesday and know you are loved by me.

Love and Hugs, Laurie


Needled Mom said...

What a beautiful post. The vine is a perfect example for all of us to follow. We can all use pruning.

Enjoy this beautiful day. I always love it after a good rain. Hopefully, we will get those big puffy clouds too.

Chelsea Pang said...

I saw that you have a heart for babies with Trisomy 18, well I found you by the Lord's grace! My Grace Ola was stillborn at 37 weeks with Trisomy 18 on 9/17/08. Yesterday she would have been 5 months, wow.

pam said...

Glad the sun is shining today. Enjoy your day with the grandkids.

Dawn said...

What a great analogy and food for thought! I would so love to see your beautiful yard and smell the jasmine!t

Rach said...

I think I'd like to prune away my insecurities, to be more confident in ME. :o)

What a lovely post.

Thank you for all your lovely, supportive comments the last few days. You are SUCH a blessing in my life.

Love you too!

Susie (So Blessed) said...

Great of my devotionals this morning was on the same thing.
Coincidence...I think not. When I get reminded of a truth more than once in a short time period, I know that I need to meditate on it. Thanks for sharing this. I'll bet when your vines are pruned, they are very beautiful...and the same can be said for us!

Blessings to you today.