Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Atlanta Girls: Eight Ladies Who Stole My Heart Last Year!!

I thought it was time to introduce eight wonderful and amazing girls who stole my heart in 2008. If I do this right, the picture will appear at the top:) Let me tell you who is who from left to right, top to bottom.

1. Kim, mother of Mary Grace. 2. Emily, mother of Miller Grace. 3. Karen, mother of Jacob Ryan. 4. Yvette, mother of Tristan. 5. Kristy, mother of Isaac and Asher.
6. Angie, mother of Poppy Joy. 7. Kenzie, mother of Maddox. 8. Chrissy, mother of Eva Janette.

This picture was taken in Atlanta at a conference where the eight met and spent precious time together, sharing the pain of loss after handing their babies to Jesus. The pain was fresh for all eight when this picture was taken. They met Beth Moore, face to face, and she prayed over them and they all cried together. Such sacred ground they shared. The events of this time was shared on their individual blogs last year and they each shared beautifully and from their hearts. I love each and every one of these eight girls and call them "my girls."

On this last day of February, 2009, I wanted to give an update on my girls. It is so exciting to my heart to tell you now.
1. Kim is expecting a new baby who will be her 4th, sometime soon:)
2. Emily is expecting her 4th daughter, Abigail Joy who will be here in 7 weeks:)
3. Karen is the newest mom to announce that her 4th baby is due this year:)
4. Yvette is working on adoption of a beautiful baby girl in her care now:) Praying.
5. Kristy is expecting her 5th baby, a "girlie girl" who has 4 older brothers:)
6. Angie is enjoying raising her 3rd daughter Adrienne:)
7. Kenzie is raising sweet Faith Clare who was born last November:)
8. Chrissy gave birth to baby boy Coppo yesterday morning and he is perfect:)

My heart is so full for these girls. Following their heartbreak and sharing in their hope and joy has been a lesson in deeper faith for me, walking with them. I love them all so much. They have taught me the faithfulness of Our Lord in so many ways and I am eternally grateful. I feel like they are my daughters as they are younger than my sons. It is a heart to heart connection that only the Lord can birth. I am blessed by these moms and their babies who made such a difference in my life.

This Post, my Sweet Atlanta Eight, is dedicated to you, full of love and hope and the promise of God's goodness to you. I pray His richest blessings over each and every one of you today. May your joy be full. I love you.

Love and Hugs, Laurie


Just Me said...

I love this post :o) These girls have taught me SO much and have been SUCH a blessing to me as well. I love that you dedicated special post to these amazing women.

Have a blessed weekend. We got snow yesterday which is really annoying since I thought spring had arrived...oh well, at least it is pretty snow :o)

Take care,

Linds said...

Has anyone told you recently that you are a total joy here in Blogland, Laurie? Your love and happiness and interest in all of us and support is absolutely amazing, and we love you in return. You make the sun shine a little brighter in all our lives.

Thank you, my friend.

And I am so happy to hear of the latest news of your girls!

boltefamily said...

I feel safe to speak for all of us in saying that you have blessed each of us more than you could know. Thank you for your kind words. Love you!

ReadyAim said...

Laurie, what an awesome post! I have followed all these amazing women since Emily "introduced" them to us all, one by one. They have helped my faith to grow as the testimony of a grieving mom is powerful. To see them turn to God during such a difficult time and to hear their stories of joy and faith despite the pain has taken my breath away on more than one occasion. Then, as a bonus, I would see beautifully written notes from "Laurie from CA" Now I have come to know you better and consider you a friend.

Thank you for the update. Although I stalk, I mean follow them all, it was great to see the update all in one place. God is good.

Have a blessed day as you are surely a blessing to others.


KingsLittleBlessings said...

I love that you posted this! I have been praying for these girls as well, and am so happy to see God blessing them all with new little ones. (Of course, the new babies do not replace the special ones they lost, but what wonderful healing blessings babies are!) Isn't it fun to see?!

Needled Mom said...

What a group of truly beautiful women, Laurie. Thank you for sharing them with us.

Susie (So Blessed) said...

Hi Laurie,
As you already know, I have also followed the stories of these amazing young women and have been so blessed by each their testimonies. This is a wonderful tribute to them and I think you are so sweet and thoughtful to share it. You are a blessing to so many!


DeeDee said...

CONGRATS go out to each of these amazing girls...The Atlanta 8!

Continue to allow God to be the CENTER of your lives and tell your story so others will hear of His Amazing Works, so that others will see your Lord and glorify Him in heaven.

Thanks for honoring these momma's theway you did Laurie. I know they love you bunches!

Joy, DeeDee (an old momma who has loved and lost a baby girl)

Dawn said...

What a joyful time it must have been for all of them to be together. Thank you for sharing their news. I haven't followed them, but am amazed by them, as little as I know. I love how often the name "Grace" appears in these families who have suffered such loss.

As others have said, it has been such a blessing to have you join us in blogland!

Cathy said...

Oh Laurie, I have also been thinking of just how blessed these families are and what God has done in each on of their lives in the year! What a lesson to be taught to all of us about faithfulness and trust!

pam said...

What a sweet update on all these girls. They have been through such pain, but they kept God as their center and have weathered the storm. I have cried many a tear for all of them, and I am rejoicing with them. God is good...always!!:)

(you got the picture where you wanted it..yay) And, you know what I thought was because of these girls that I found YOU. GOD IS GOOD.

Angie said...


You are absolutely the best. Knowing how you cared for, prayed for, and loved each one of us meant more than you can ever know. I remember many times on that Atlanta trip when your name came up, as we all expressed how grateful we were for you!! Much, much love.


Rach said...

Oh, how truly joyful!

We're hoping :fingers crossed: to add another to our family some time in the coming year or so and it makes me teary with happiness other moms who have lost babies are able to do so. Hooray for them! :o)

Love you bunches and thanks for sharing!! :o)

Kenzie said...

You are just precious! Thank you so much for your constant prayers, uplifting comments and dear friendship. You have loved us each so individually and met us right where we are- in the joy, in the grief, in the pain and in the restoration and healing. Thank you for all that you are and helping us remember to keep our constant focus on the Lord.

Love you so much!

Ter said...

oh ...

as a bereaved mother myself, I know how important it is to develop friendships with other angel mommies.

how wonderful they have each other!