Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Not A Wordless Wednesday Today

I will post the Happy Post first. I will wait to post the other one after the grandkids go home tonight. The 50"s Diner by Step 2 I ordered online from Toys R Us arrived yesterday and Corky and I had so much fun putting it all together last night so the kids could play with it today. It is so darned cute and they absolutely love it. And they are sharing and having so much fun and I am loving watching them play with it. It is such good therapy for my heart right now. And I need it.

Two precious little boys I have been praying for on the Caringbridge website have died this week.
The first one was a two year old little guy who had been battling childhood cancer for over a year and his name is Dante. He made it through the holidays and earned his wings yesterday morning.
He was so small and the cancer was huge. The second little guy was Coleman and he just turned five in December. He battled with his cancer for over 2 1/2 years of his short life. He is a twin, and his brother Caden has been his biggest fan and most compassionate little helper. They were inseperable and I just can't imagine how hard this is hitting him. This is so close to my heart because I remember when my twin sons were little, they too had a bond that most people don't understand. I don't understand how these little ones must deal with surgeries, chemo, radiation, cat scans, and all the other mess that goes with this dreaded disease. Coleman was the most spirit filled little christian warrior I have ever met. His faith and trust in God during his battle was amazing and he was wiser than his age. He prayed the most precious prayers and never got mad at God. Jesus says we are to have this kind of faith, the faith of a little child. Boy, do I have a lot to learn still. My heart breaks for both of these families and the pain that lies ahead on this journey. They left the old year behind and face the beginning of the new year with such heartbreak. I just can't even imagine. Prayed them through the new year and will continue to for a very long time.

I feel so blessed watching my grandkids have so much fun today, and feel so guilty in my blessing as I watch these families suffer the unthinkable. So, my prediction of the new year is coming to pass, a new year from one day to the next, and continued prayers for people who enter this yeaar with broken hearts. It just does not seem fair at all. I know it is not God's fault, but it sure does suck big time.

My other post later will be about my conversation with my friend in Maryland (not Maine) who called me this morning. I knew the call was coming, and it did. See, no wordless Wednesday for me today. Hug your kids and people you love extra today, we never know what tomorrow holds.

Love and Hugs, Laurie


pam said...

I was getting worried about you, Laurie. Did you get my email? I had heard of little Coleman, but not the other little boy. My heart breaks for them as well. They will be in my prayers, as are you.

Love, Pam

Rach said...

My prayers to those families.