Thursday, January 22, 2009

What We Did At Grandmas House

I know this is my second post of the day, but I have some catching up to do before I fall behind. Yesterday was great with the grandkids, as usual. I had Hannah here for 3 1/2 hours before Isaac arrived after checking out his new preschool he will be attending two days a week in the fall. I just love watching this little girl and the way she plays, so different from her brother. She's a little Bit on a mission around here. We skip her morning nap now so she is worn out for her afternoon one.
She is trying to say grandma and it is so cute. She gives so many hugs and kisses(wet slobbery ones) and smiles all the time.

After lunch and putting her down for her nap, Isaac's mission was to disassemble an old 1988 computer keyboard that grandpa found along with the controls for the pac man game. I know, ancient!! He is so good with tools, the kind the jewelers use, and some regular ones, depending on the screw size. After two solid hours of concentration and all things "computer" exposed, I asked him if he was satisfied on a job well done and he said "yeah, and gramma, this computer must have been made in China." Cracked me up and sure enough on the inside of the circut board was stamped "made in Hong Kong 1988. Holy cow, the thing was almost 21 years old! We have come a long ways. We just had the greatest conversation while he was working so hard, I was just there for support and company. He tells me I am the best company for him and it melts my heart. I love these kids to the moon and back, I have to tell you.

On another note here today, my plumbing is getting fixed. I love the sound of a jack hammer ripping through 4 inches of concrete to get to the problem. Everything has been working EXCEPT the two toilets. YES, and for quite some time now. It has not been bad unless we have company, then we have some explaining to do. Think camping portable pottys. I know, too much information but the truth. This is a very old house and the trees have grown to gigantic proportions over the 32 years of living here. So, two long time friends of my younger brother are here to save the day. They need the work, I need my throne. It's all good. And I don't mind the mess because I haven't cleaned for Christmas 08 yet. I knew there was a reason:)

Since it is Thursday, I thought I would list a few things I am thankful for today. This house that we have rented for 32 years with great landlords, being only two blocks from the Pacific Ocean, our health, Corky and his job that enables us to live a content life and share the excess with others in need, two grown and married sons that I am so proud of, two wonderful grandkids, the Lord in all of our lives, all my other family and the wonderful people I have met and continue to meet here. There is so much more, but these top my list. Tell me what you are most thankful for today.

I hope each and every one of you have a wonderful day and are blessed by the Lord who makes it all possible for us. I never forget to pray for the needs I know that you have. Asking the Lord to meet each and every need.

Love and Many Hugs, Laurie


Cathy said...

I love your honest writing. I just hope you are not sitting on the "throne" while writing!
I am grateful for my wonderful family, for the gift of Annabel, and all the friends I would never have met. I know I wouldn't be blogging without her. Just wanted to let you know that I should be meeting Mary Grace Summons mom tomorrow. I am excited to get to meet her face to face. I followed Mary Graces blog for a while now. She went to be with Jesus on Jan.14th and now Kim is about 26 weeks pregnant. Besides Mary Grace she has two beautiful daughters and a wonderful husband.

Laurie in Ca. said...


You are going to meet Kim face to face tomorrow. Okay, I am so envious. Give her the biggest hug for me and tell her I love her so much!!! Did I mention that I am envious? I just love Kim so much. I love you too.


pam said...

Today I am thankful for the basics of life. I am thankful for a home to keep us warm, healthy children, and the ability to put a nutritious meal on the table,

Many people, I know do not have these things.

Love, Pam

Dawn said...

I thank you for the award and was able to acknowledge it and tried to give 10 interesting, honest facts about me.

That little guy of yours is really something! It'll be fun to see what he turns out to be, won't it??