Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Trying For Four Or Five In A Row

Wow, okay. Can I tell you that I'm feelin' the photos? I am going to try and post four of five of my niece Stephanie's wedding we did here at the park and our house almost five years ago. The reception was in our backyard for 80 people, sit down dinner and very cozy. I made the wedding cake, homemade cheesecakes, and my sissy and I decorated them with fresh flowers from the garden. We did the flowers, all decorating, and cooked too. Stephanie's wedding cost her a whole $2000.00. Pretty good huh? Debt free and married:) Okay, here goes posting pictures.

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pam said...

What a sweet thing to do for your niece. You must of put a lot of time and effort into her wedding.