Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday Part 3

I guess my quota on uploading is 5 pictures and I will not complain one bit!!! I'll just keep doing this until I am satisfied. More pictures, same story as Part 2.



Kristy said...

Yay for pictures!!! Too cool. YOU are a Grandma????? Look how young and cute you look!!
And those two G-babies of yours??? Oh my. I just wanna eat those two up! I love, love, love the one of Issac and his 'book' - that is the cutest thing I have ever seen.
You backyard looks dreamy.
Oh, and the coke collection - wow, girl! I love it!
Keep working in the pictures, your doing a great job!

Kelly said...

Hooray for the pictures!

Dawn said...

You are doing a great job - I just caught up on the last 10 or so, give or take! Too funny. The wedding pictures are great - the cakes are gorgeous. My DIL from Kenya (long, great story), wanted something different from the normal American wedding cake, and her cakes were all sizes and all over the table in different levels - all with fresh flowers, too. Just beautiful.

Katie is doing much better and they sent her home - they won't keep them any longer than they have to! Keep praying that she gets better fast and that the big girls get over their colds so they can go home to their mommy. Little Emma is staying with her aunt and uncle until the germs are safely under control.

Your grands are as cute as mine!

Rach said...

If you want to add more than five photos to a post, simply click the "Add photos" icon again and then the "Add more photos" link inside the pop-up. If you double post an image you don't want, you can click on it (you can tell it's highlighted because there will be tiny boxes in all four corners) and then hit "Delete".

Your babies and family are too WONDERFUL!! Thank you so SO much for sharing! :o)

Dawn said...

Thanks for checking in this morning, Laurie. It was not a good night, as both girls ended up in my bed - hubby always sleeps in the guest room when they're here so he can get good rest for going to work in the morning. Livi sounds especially bad, with Hayley a close second. We won't be doing anything fun today after all - we usually go to the library on Friday and out to lunch. Hayley doesn't have school today, so she was going to get to go for a change. I hope we can get them in to the doctor early today. The biggest problem is Maizie's funeral this afternoon - I really need to be there and the object is to keep the twins isolated from any more germs than absolutely necessary. Thanks for your prayers!

TheCarlsonCrew said...

You are doing a great job! This picture thing is tough to master. :)

Keep 'em coming!


Dawn said...

Thanks for checking in. The big girls are still coughing and running and cranky as hoot owls. I'm kind of running out of patience with the whole mess. But I can't do anything about it but hang in there.

I had to really laugh at your story about the parrot and the cyst. I think I need to go out and buy one for a few days.

connie said...

Isaac and Hannah are adorable! I also loved seeing him with the book ... looks like something scientific, right? I know you said he's an inventor. I know that being with them fills you with joy. I'm so glad for you.
love, connie
PS - can you tell we have a computer in the new hospital room we moved into? I was too wiped to do anything yesterday, after going out to work. But today was fun.

Karen said...

Laurie...I seem to see your sweet comments everywhere I go and have often thought how sincere and kind your words are on blogs that I read. I first saw your comments on Boothe Farley's blog for Copeland. She is my cousin's best friend and I began praying for her the moment I was asked. Since then I have felt such a pull on my heart form the Lord to pray for these moms. I know now that God was preparing me as one of my dearest friends called a couple of months ago one evening. I was expecting to find out the sex of their little one and instead spent the next month crying out to God, "why?" My friends Benji and Rebekah have been told that their daughter, Gracie, has either Trisomy 13 or 18 and other fatal problems as well. We are praying for complete healing for Gracie!! God has already healed her face giving her a nose and a "missing" heart valve miraculously showed up a couple of weeks ago!! Whatever the outcome, we know that God is loving and kind to perform these miracles for Gracie now. If you ever have time, would you please stop by the Baker's blog and pray for them? The site is I cannot thank you enough for even considering praying for my friends...thank you for your sensitive heart for these precious babies!!!

Karen said...

Laurie, I can't fully express my gratitude for taking the time to contact Rebekah! She is precious to me and it blesses me knowing that another of God's prayer warriors is lifting up her sweet baby girl. Thank you Laurie, thank you!!

Dawn said...

Hey, did you wear yourself out posting all those pictures?? Hope all is well!