Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday Part 2

I goofed and got two of the same pictures last post. One was supposed to be a view from the park so I will post it here. Other ones here are from the holidays 2007. I haven't uploaded my camera for this past holiday yet. Some of these will begin to show you my "coke addiction" and a few of them are more recent ones again. I hope you guys can hang in here with me. I am learning at your expense and will eventually get organized.

If you are new here or are just getting caught up, don't forget to scroll down for all the other pictures.



Rach said...

Hooray for the photos!! :o) You've done it!

I'm going to make you wince now, hang on. ;oP You know that lovely HUGE Coke sign in the top photo? The nice round metal one? The one that looks as if it could hold, say, six or seven kids packed on tight as they sledded down Dead Man's hill? That one? Yeah, we had one of those when I was a kid. ;o) I wonder what happened to it...

I LOVE the glimpse into your life, Laurie! Thank you SO much for sharing with us! :o)

pam said...

My brother in law would think that he died and gone to heaven if he walked into your home. He loves Coke stuff as well.

Your home looks wonderful.

Kelly said...

I now understand the name of your blog. I need my coke a day, and since I had Lyla it has been decaffe but it still takes good. Hope you have a great day!