Thursday, January 29, 2009

Where Has January 2009 Gone?

Is it just me, or has January disappeared like a flash? Two more days and it will be February. The New Year waits for no one. I took the last few days to try and practice one of my life verses, "Be still and know that I am God." It is very exhausting for me to be still and not try to fix the things that I cannot fix. I wonder if I will ever learn this lesson. I really appreciate the prayers and the concern, I know it has helped a lot this past week.

My back yard was covered in pine needles and leaves and branches. Had been for over two months and so we got out over the weekend and tackled it with full force. It is amazing how much better I felt when I could see the ground again and feel I fixed something.

Having the grandkids this week was great too, as always. They lift my spirits so much and bring me joy. Corky is no longer working 7 days a week now and that is really great too. I missed him being here to just play together on the weekends, but understand that work was really demanding his time over the past two months. I am just so very thankful that he has a job and it is going well.

I am thankful to have realized over this past month that many 1st birthdays of babies gone to heaven this time last year have been bearable for their sweet families. These precious babies will always have their footprints on our hearts and never be forgotten. Many of these families are now expecting new life and I continue to pray for the health of these new babies. As reports come in, they are good reports of healthy babies. My heart is so thankful for this. God is so good. Until these moms hold these new babies in their arms, our prayers are needed for their peace and trust.

Baby Gracie needs our prayers still. Her reports are fragile with the diagnosis of Trisomy and her parents hearts are so heavy. Prayers for them are asked today. And for Maxsons parents, Dylans parents, Ruby Mae's parents, who are just a month or so into the journey of losing these precious babies. They need tender loving prayers.

My sweet friends Stephanie, Laura, Bettsie, and Nita who are still dealing with the loss of their husbands need our prayers. Nita needs extra prayer for recovering from colon surgery she just had that has left her with a permanent colostomy bag. I am so thankful she is still with us. My sweet friend Kelli who is pressing forward with hemo while waiting on a kidney to extend her quality of life she so deserves.

Yes, it is a new year, and almost February, but so many needs and issues have followed us into this year also. I know that God is faithful to keep His promise to never leave us, and I am holding Him to His promise for all needs.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day and remember the things that make us thankful. And thank you again for your continued prayers. They are still needed to fix what I cannot fix:) Only God can.

Love and Hugs, Laurie


boltefamily said...

Thank you for your prayers sweet Laurie! I am so very thankful for you! If there is ever anything I can go to God with on YOUR behalf please feel free to call on me. It would be my honor!

Love you!


Rach said...

I'm thankful you are back. I've missed you.

Yes, you are right, the month has FLOWN by. I'll keep all those you mentioned in my prayers. And, sweet Laurie, you too. I'm sure you are going through some tough stuff right now (stupid spooty men among them...). Many many hugs!

Love ya!

pam said...

You know I have been thinking of you this week. I am glad you posted today.

As you know I am so happy that January is almost over. Thanks for mentioning all the people who are in need of prayer, they will be in my thoughts in the coming days.

Dawn said...

That is a very long prayer list - there are so many needs!

Being still and staying quiet is very hard! I know only too well.

lakeviewer said...

I'm new to your blog. Where exactly are you in California? I lived in the greater Los Angeles area most of my adult life. It would be nice to communicate with other Californians.